Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 236th Birthday, America!


We had our big celebration here in Italy with Amber's family on Sunday at their base's Festa Americana celebration... it was a blast! It started out with a relaxing afternoon for me and the little people crew... All I know about Amber's afternoon is that this is one of the handful of the major events her department puts on each year and that she runs around like the proverbial headless chicken, so I'm positive the afternoon for her was more of the same.

Then the little people crew and I got on a bus and rode to the festival... the girls had music and headphones and were being typical teenage girls... singing and dancing to something no one else could hear.

 After we got there, met up with Amber (who was already busy at work) and found Chris (who had driven a few of their Italian friends) the little people crew all separated, Liz and Deb going off on their own, Tim going off with a friend, and Lilly and Eli being left with me, the stick in the mud Mama who insisted that they eat before we went to the rides. It turned out to be a good thing because the rides that the bigger kids went on were all rides that the littler kids were to small for, so they had fun riding the roller coasters, ramming each other in the bumper cars, and bouncing in the free style bouncy house.

 Then we went back for some awesome fireworks!

 Then, because the bigger kids were no where to be found, Amber invited Lilly and Eli up on stage with her to introduce the big band for the night... Cartel!

 We ended the night with Lilly riding home with her dad and their Italian friends while the rest of the little people crew and I rode the bus back to the base. I think Eli had fun... he didn't last very long with the bus in motion before the girls asked for my camera to take a picture of him passed out on Timmy.

I had such a wonderful time wandering the festival with Lilly-bean and Eli man. And they were so cute watching the fireworks and on stage introducing Cartel. Both Liz and Eli love having cousins they can relate to in Timmy and Deborah, but I think a day spent being a kid instead of talking computers all the time with Tim was just what Mr Eli man needed. :D

Have a safe an happy 4th and SMOOCHIES YA'LL!!!!

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