Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bucket List Item #4- Check!

I got to knock bucket list item #4 off my list yesterday! Amber and I took a sister's only daycation. We went to Capri together without kiddos. I had an awesomely amazing time! I got to see things that I had only ever thought I would see on TV or in books. We went with a tour group sponsored by her ITT group and we had an awesome tour guide. Aldo (forgive me if I spelled it wrong) gave us more than a walk through Capri, he gave us both geography and history. It was sometimes hard to hear what he was saying, but that was because I was hanging back with Amber, who took pictures for future marketing ideas. I still learned a lot. For example, Capri is actually part of a pensulia and not volcanic like the other island's around the bay. There are 65 (I think that's what Aldo said) grottos, and the famous Blue Grotto is only one of many. Amber and I didn't go to the Grotto because we didn't want to rush in order to meet the leaving hydrafoil (ferry) back to Naples and instead had fun wandering the shops.
But I'm so excited to have images to remember the absoulutely stunning visit we took.

I loved all the floral life everywhere. I have been collecting pictures of flowers and vines that have grown of of the ancient buildings whenever I get the opportunity. I just love the way flowers add beauty to what might otherwise be boring and plain. And I love this picture because one, a resturaunt without such beauty would be very boring I think and two, it makes me think that others might feel the same.

One of the things I remember Aldo saying is that manufactures make things for the island that can only be found here... and that there was a perfume district where they made perfume. I didn't realize we would be going past the district or through it, but when we did, I stayed outside and sneezed my way to the gardens. but I still thought it was awesome... maybe someday I'll send Matt to get me perfume from Capri. :P

I loved the look of everyday life, the boats waiting for passengers and such, people strolling the resturaunts and businesses. Beautiful!

Everything looked so beautiful the higher up we went. Capri reminded me of Seattle in a way. In Seattle, there isn't room to spread out so people are going up.

One of my favorite thing were the courtyards. To see random bits of privacy scattered among the businesses.

I think that my favorite part of the day, while it represented a sad moment for some locals, was when a funeral prosession made it's way past the store we were in, looking for something special for Matt (A gift he will LOVE, I know for sure!). When the church bells made their specific peal, the shop keeper turned off her lights and closed her doors and stopped all business out of repsect for the passing hurst and family. She simply turned to those of us inside with her, explained a funeral would be passing, that the younger woman was a good woman, and turned to watch out the window, making the roseray as they passed. From the perspective of a military family, the simple and quiet show of repsect among such a busy and popular place was awesome to see. I'm not sure how many other's did the same, but my mind was made up. I knew what I was looking at could be purchased elsewhere, I had seen the store to prove it, but I purchased Matt's gift from that particular shop keeper.

Ok... More to come soon!



Maitias said...

You got me something?!?

It looks like you and Amber had a great time, and the story about the store keep and procession was moving. I sometimes with stuff was like that here in the states.

Love you and can't wait to talk to you guys again.

Daisy said...

I agree... and in someplaces, drivers will still pull over but it's something we see less and less. And yes, I got ya something... and I KNOW you will totally LOVE it!