Monday, June 25, 2012


In AD 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted, burying the Roman city of Pompeii in thousands of tons of ash. For centuries this town five miles from the volcano, lay buried and forgotten. Now, we can wander it's streets and take a peak into how people lived so long ago. For someone who loves history, this was an awesome and amazing experience for me... even with the little people crew grouchy from the heat. (understandable... it was really hot).

Deborah had visited before with her class and was our unofficial tour guide through the streets and as we encountered English speaking tours, we would listen in. It was amazing hearing some of the stories and seeing such history.

 On the corners were open "stores" many of which had counters with pots embedded into them. They served as the ancient McDonald's (fast food stores).

 The houses of the rich had courtyards and according to our tour guide, the more opulent the courtyard, the higher the wealth.

 It was fun telling the children about how the public bath houses worked and then getting to show them an example. This is the ceiling of the one we went into.

There was a whole fenced off area that help artifacts, like these urns and Deborah told all of us to imagine being a child or a slave told to go to the fountain and retrieve water carrying one of these. I'm gonna frame this one and put it in the hall outside the kiddos' room as a reminder that I'm not forcing them into slavery... just asking them to clean up after themselves.

 One of the things I liked most was seeing the gardens that had been replanted using plants as close as possible to what was originally there, discovered by the seeds buried in the ash or the casts of the roots. The vineyards were even replanted and in use today.

After exploring we went out to lunch... my shirt has never met a pasta dish it didn't like. This was fabulous! Mushrooms and homemade pasta in a creamy tomato basil sauce. Sis had gnocchi and Eli had spaghetti... and pizza. I have a picture of him eating his slice of pizza with one hand and his fork prepped and ready to dive into his pasta with the other while staring at the TV the was behind our table, but it won't load. It was hilarious!  
We had a fabulous day! I love being here with my sister, not just because I get to see such amazing sights and taste new foods (great adventures for a history lover and foodie), but because my little people crew and I get to experience these things with my sister and her family.

Next weekend is the big festival on base that Amber's department puts on and the little people crew and I will be going on Sunday. So until our next adventure!


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