Friday, July 8, 2011

Get ready!!!! Have I got a big surprise!!!

Ok, family and friends, are you ready for it? Amber and I have a BIG surprise for our Grandma Lex! We are embarking on a sibling adventure.... And we're taking Grammie with us! In fact, the title of our big adventure is Grammie's Summer World Tour!
See, Amber and I both want to share our summer vacations with our mom's mom, Grammie Lex. And well... we both can't take Grammie on seperate vacations, because thats a lot of exhausting travel, seeing as Amber and I live in different countries. And there is the fact that Amber and I are both too old for an epic sibling fight over who gets to take Grammie where and when first. So we came up with an AWESOME solution. We're not actually taking Grammie... we're taking Flat Grammies!
I learned about the Flat People craze a while back from some scrapbook friends who made versions of their spouses who were deployed as a way to include the missing family member in activities while they were gone. Soon flat,paper doll type versions of people were traveling all over the world in place of the physical person when traveling away from home wasn't an option. So when Amber mentioned she was taking a picture of me and Grammie with her on her summer vacation this year, and that she would take pictures of our adventures and post them on facebook, I remembered the Flat People craze, and together we came up with the idea for Grammie's World Tour. I would show you pictures of our Flat Families now, but we both have 1/2 completed people. We did the hard part of getting the photo faces in place, and we're letting our kids decorate the bodies.
So here's the plan: This summer each family will be taking their own versions of their "Flat Family" with us during our summer vacations and other activities and we'll be posting pictures and a short little tale of our adventures on facebook and once a week or so, I'll try to post an update here on my blog. We are both really excited about this! Grammie will be in different places in both Europe and the Pacific Northwest. Because I think it will be more fun if Grammie doesn't know where she'll be next, I'm not planning on posting where either version of Flat Grammie is or where she's going next. But I will say that the tour is underway!
So, Grammie when you read this... Get ready for some fun!!!!
Love ya'll and SMOOCHIES!!!!!

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Hilary said...

Oh, I love it!!!! What a lucky Grammie you have! :)