Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's holiday time!

So I've come to the conclusion that facebook is both a great thing and the internet's worst creation, all meshed into one. Why blog when you can update your status, share your pictures and talk to friends and family all at the same time, in a matter of seconds? And a lot of people I know do it all, especially myspace, facebook and tweet. And yuppers.... it's my one and only excuse for not blogging more lately. With school and other life adventures, I haven't had time to blog, so I've just tried to keep everyone posted through Facebook. But today, I wanted to blog! YAY!!! Although.... maybe no one of my most cheerful or exciting blog posts.

I'm having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit this year. In case you don't know, my sister and her family are moving overseas here soon. I'm excited for them, I really am. I'm just sad at the same time. I'm really going to miss our at least twice weekly phone calls. I know that she's only moving overseas, and she knows she can call me whenever, but I also know how hard it can sometimes be with the time differences to know when to call and when not to. (I mean it boo... call whenever, day or night!)

I'm really glad my kids seem to get along better than Amber and I did as kids, and I pray they keep that bond growing up. Amber and I didn't live close enough to our extended families to build close relationships with our cousins, all we had were each other. It wasn't until our dad died that we realized how important we really were to each other. Don't wait... if you have a family member that you're not as close as you'd like to be, reach out!

Anyway.... a couple years ago, I wrote my own version of The Night Before Christmas after we got a record snowfall right before Christmas, and caught me totally unprepared to be snowed-in. I reposted it last year, and I'm going to do so again... Maybe it will help me get more into the holiday spirit... Maybe it will help you if you're struggling too.

SMOOCHIES YA'LL!!!! Hope you are having a safe, fun and happy Holiday Season!

Twas a week before Christmas and all through the house,
Mommy was freaking, and not from a mouse.
The stockings were out, hung by the tree with care,
Mommy was wondering what she will put in there.

The truck was secure, all snug in it's spot,
Since there was no driving out of our parking lot.
Daddy sat with us, giving his computer a break,
While we watched a movie about the Grinch, what a snake.

Out in the yard, the snow and ice froze,
"Bundle up!" the advice, "So you don't freeze your nose!"
Hot cider, and cocoa, and movies we shared,
Warm and cozy with family, the cold weather we fared.

The snow fell all day, oh how it accumulated,
Until Daddy and the kids were totally elated.
While Mommy she wasn't nearly as excited,
Since the amount of gifts 'neath the tree was truly short sighted.

She worried about the kids on Christmas being upset,
And thought about tears making their jammies all wet.
Until Little Lizzie Sue so sweet and sincere,
Reminded Mommy the true reason for holiday cheer.

"A Child was born, a long time ago,
In a stable since there was no where for His parents to go.
To save the whole world He was laid in a manger so low,
Not for presents and gifts or a fancy home's light show.

Great purpose He had and to us they still teach,
The reason He came at church they still preach.
But so many miss it, so busy they are,
Rushing here and there, sometimes to never even leave the car!

So consumed we are with finding the perfect present,
We often forget and to God it must be extremely unpleasant.
His own Son He gave, the perfect sacrifice,
The only way for us to gain eternal life.

So don't worry to much about the gifts, Mommy,
No need to be so sad or feel sorry.
For you taught us the real reason,
For celebrating this season."

So stop what your doing, put those gift lists away.
Take a moment to remember why we have this holiday.
Open your hearts and get ready to listen,
To the story of Jesus and His holy mission.

The true Son of God, our Lord on high above
Sent to save us and teach us with unending love.
He lived as a human, just like me and you,
A challenge He faced, so much to do!

Temptations He faced, just like everyone will,
All in preparation to journey up that hill.
His life He laid down, forgiveness He pleaded,
From his Father for us, it was what was needed.

Three days he lay dead in a grave so hollow,
With His resurrection, to eternity He gave us a way to follow.
Our sins we confess, God's truth we believe,
Through His son, Jesus Christ, our earthly suffering relieved.

So as we rush here and there in the snow and the ice,
I feel I should say it would be quite nice,
If we remembered the truth and the reason,
Jesus Christ is why we celebrate this season.

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Connie said...

I will NEVER tire of reading your poem!!!! God bless you all....