Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Change is in the air.... I think. I hope.

So there are some changes a brewing around here! How do you like my background? :) OOOOO and my music is still there, I just didn't like how loud it was, so I changed it. If you want it on, you have to scroll down to turn it on, instead of scrolling down to turn it off. Oh, and about my blog, I'm looking for ideas to help me refocus on blogging. Share any ideas you might have, or something you might want me to blog about this year. I want to keep my family better informed on our going ons here, especially with Amber moving so far away soon.

Also, if you have any picture ideas, let me know... I plan on trying to do a new scrapbook project to document our year. Maybe a scrapbook layout a week or month... I LOVE Becky Higgins and her Project Life idea, and hopefully, I can get Matt and the kids to help me with it. Any of you with me? You don't have to do a picture a day (try one a week, or a bunch of pictures from that week, or one a month), and you don't have to use Beky's kit (I've done a lot of projects and things the last few years based on first her P365 and then last year's Project Life but never used the actual kit. Think I just might use her kit this year.), but I think it will be fun. Whose with me?

Another change is that I'm not setting and New Year's goals or resolutions (or what ever name you want to assign them) this year. (No, my blogging and scrapbooking aren't really goals or resolutions, since I do those all the time anyway.) Yeah, I know... not good for accountability. But I think it will turn out to be a good thing for me. See, the last few years? I made a New Year's goal to lose a specific amount of weight. And at one point I was well on track to accomplish my goal. Then I got sick and well.... I fell off my track and felt so disappointed in myself that I gave up. Way to early. A lot of other good things, like going back to school and coming in 3rd in that writing contest, happened last year. But as New Year's Day approaches, I'm finding it hard to remember the good things and all I can think about is not sticking to my diet. So no resolutions or what ever this year.

But I do have a theme for this year. A flaw of mine I have to work on. Oh, and I'm learning that it's a biggie for me. I don't trust myself. :p You can ask Matt, Amber and Tami... I am always saying I can't do this or that or I'm scared of doing this or that (especially school stuff). I've been pleasantly surprised, and often, when I say there's an assignment I'm scared of or think I can't possibly complete or that I'm positive I won't do well, and then end up passing. So far, I have a 4.o GPA... and each class I was positive I would bomb. Right now, I'm taking a computer class that I was sure I would tank in the first week.... I've got one more week to go and so far I've only had .5 of a point taken off total. (In case you're wondering that means my grade so far is a 99.5. Shocking, I know!)

So my theme for this year is TRUST. Trust myself that I will be capable of doing what ever task I set for myself. Trust that Matt will be beside me every step of the way. Trust that my kids will drive me crazy, but will still be there reminding me that I can do it. And most importantly, I need to TRUST THAT GOD WILL BE THERE WITH ME! Every step, every day, NO MATTER WHAT! Trust that God, my family and my friends, will fill my life with so much love that there's no more room for fear.

So okies... that's my update for this week. I look forward to your input. I hope ya'll had a good Christmas! (We won't even get into how crazy ours was even though we never left home. Let's just say that Matt was in bed by 7:30 Tuesday night, totally exhausted from the amount of work he's done in the last week.) Whatever you're plans are for New Year's, be safe! May you feel God's endless blessings this year, and remember.... TRUST!!!!


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