Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's an emotional week.

Waiting on more of that white stuff. But I wanted to share on of my 365 pictures and well, that's the only one that's imported and edited from the last week so far.

It's going to be a very emotional week. Not all of it is bad, but there will definitely be a roller coaster going on.

First: Seahawks made the play-offs and won their first game. We had a blast watching the game from home and Matt even watched a lot of it with me. Some of my neighbors thought I was insane when I yelled (along with thousands of others) Lynch on with his 67 yard touchdown. (That was a big emotional up.)

So, I finished that lovely computer class. (FYI... that "lovely" was full of sarcasm. I hate computers, which is funny when you consider how much time I spend on my computer for school.) Yay! Not sure how I did yet, since Monday was the last day, but I think I did OK. (See there Matt and Tami? I didn't say I did horrible, I said OK. Big step for me!) I do know I wouldn't have done half as well if it hadn't been for Tami and her mad skills with APA and catching my forgotten periods and comas on my reference pages though. That final project was driving me insane and if you ask me how many times I deleted and restarted it, I plan on pleading the 5th, so don't ask. :D I think what made it really hard is I had to include tables and pictures and all in Microsoft Word. BUT IT IS OVER!!! (And we have one emotional up.)

Sociology is my next class and so far so good. I'm already 1/3 of the way done with week one, and the reading I've done is interesting, so we'll see how it goes. The relief I am feeling right now is great. (We can call this one an emotional down, but a good emotional down so how about we call it an emotional relaxer? I like that. :p)

Friday, my bestest sister-friend, Tami, will be delivering a baby girl. Well, it will be Friday unless baby decides she doesn't want to wait that long. I'm so excited! I can't wait to get that phone call to let me know both Baby and Tami are fine and all is good... and what they decided to name her! Tami and Steve have a couple choices they both agree on, but want to wait until they meet their beautiful daughter to decide which name they'll pick. Can't Wait! (Another emotional up!)

Started my 365 photo project, and I'm doing good so far. (I'll post more pictures next time.) I like that a couple epiphanies have occurred from my family seeing the daily photos. One is how many pictures I have of the back of Matt's head. He's put a plan into action to fix that, so I'm excited. Another epiphany is that the kids decided they want to do their own similar 365 project. So now, we're all doing a gratitude project. Every day, starting February 1, we'll be writing down something good that has happened to us that day. But we're also adding something bad that happened too. Sometimes, you forget to appreciate the little things, so we wanted the kids to see proof that even when there's bad things in your day, there's always something good! (I'm calling this an emotional up, cause I love when I can get everyone else in my family to participate in a scrapbook project with me!)

We're taking a commercial break here for a sec. For my family 365 project and for my gratitude album, this is the kit I'll be using: Project Life by Becky Higgins. Amazon is sold out right now, but they are hoping to restock by the end of the month. If you love to scrapbook, have wanted to start but get overwhelmed at all the possibilities, or maybe you have something special you want to document, this is a great kit! You don't have to take a picture a day. You don't have to journal every day. You make it what you want, and to me, the best part is that you don't have to go to the store and play "Match the Product to the Project!" (Horrible game btw, I won't lie! Even I find it intimidating! Oh.. and this commercial break is also an emotional up, cause I managed to get one of the two kits I wanted before they sold out of their first batch. Yay!)

Ok, back to our somewhat regularly scheduled blog post....

Now, I said we would be having an emotional roller coaster. But so far, it all looks like a good week, right? Keep reading.

Right now, (unless I got the days wrong, but I'm 99% sure I didn't) Amber and crew are on their way to their new home. There are a lot of good things about that, but right now, I'm sad so I'm not seeing them. I haven't gotten to talk to her a lot in the last three weeks and we've been talking on average of three times a week for the last 2 years. So... lots of pouting and tears going on. (MAJOR emotional down. Not even close to a relaxing down, so it's a true down.)

You know what's so crappy about emotional downs? Especially MAJOR ones? They can take all the good ones and cloud them over so bad that you forget about them. The good news is that writing them down has helped remember the good things this week.

Hope ya'll have a great week! If you are having an emotional week too, remember the emotional ups so that the bad ones aren't as powerful.


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Cleowyn said...

*Gives her big hugs* SEE!! You did it.. you got the paper done... check (woot)... you are on to the next class... check... (woot)... you even said you think you did 'ok'... so you are making progress *nods*... check... (woot)... and taking lots of pictures... wooo whooo... check... ooo ooo... and... and... you did part of your new year's resolution of WRITING!!! WOOT TO THE FREAKIN WOOT WOOT!!!

I am always here to help remind you of the "good" times and to remind you that you are a great person and that you are LOVED!! *gives lots of hugs*

Congrats on everything babe, and remember that you are great!! Anything you put your mind too you can accomplish, even though sometimes you might need a little push or a little help, you can still DO IT!!!