Monday, July 5, 2010

Scroll down. Turn off music player. Then come back and play videos.

First things first... every time I go to preview this post, it says there is an error when I check the videos. I'm going ahead with posting, but I'll check back tomorrow... or I guess I should say later today, to ensure the videos are working. I'm not a fan of posting a blog that's half finished or one that has videos not working, but I can't find any other ideas on checking them. If I remember correctly, same thing happened last year and this is what every one and their brother and their brother's cousin told me to do, so I'm gonna do it. (The whole time, I'm going to grumble about half finished and malfunctioning posts.

If you read this blog, then you know me. And if you know me, then you know I HATE computers. Contrary to popular belief, while I know how to use a search engine, find a website and post pictures online to a few different venues, I am not really computer friendly. I hate them. I have ever since the first time my class went to the library to use the apple computers in elementary school. But as much as I really don't like computers in general, I have to say MAC makes a pretty easy product to use. Even someone as computer unfriendly as I am can come p with some pretty cool videos.

A couple more things to note... The song for the parade video is 'This is America" by Ray Boltz. The song for the fireworks video is "For Freedom" by Avalon. The pictures of the fireworks were taken by Eli. FYI: The fireworks setting on my camera requires you use either a tri-pod or for you to hold the camera extremely steady or the pictures look wiggly. He did pretty good for a 9 year-old wiggle worm, huh?

ANYHOW!!! With all that being said, and without further ado.... My 4th of July celebration videos.



Again.... SMOOCHIES YA'LL!!!!!!!

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