Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy July 4th Weekend, Ya'll! (Yes, I'm a little late, I know!)

Ok, Its the 4th... well it's the 4th for the next 24 minutes and counting down, anyway. This year, it has been HECTIC! We're talking mass craziness. Why? Because aside from hosting the usual Tolt Valley celebration, we're also hosting the biggest geocashing event in the US (possibly even global, we've heard A LOT of accents this weekend). Right here in our little town. For the past two days, we've seen so many people wandering around, most of them with their eyes glued to those little palm held GPS thingys instead of where they were going. It's been kinda funny to watch the geocashers fumble around. :p It's also made our small town celebration pretty crazy.

Our family actually started our celebration last week. Matt's mom sings in the choir at her church, (the one Matt and I used to attend while living in Centralia) and last Sunday was their Patriotic Service. I love holiday cantatas at church, but even growing up an Army brat, I had never been to a patriotic one. Until I moved to Centralia and came to this church. Now, it's my favorite cantata service. Sadly, since moving, we haven't been able to return most years. But what an amazing way to both say Thank You to the men and women from the community who have served, as well as an amazing way to remember God's hand in giving us the freedoms we now take for granted.

With that, let me add my personal thanks. :) Growing up as an Army brat, I have seen first hand some of the MINOR things our troops give up in order to insure that we continue to have our freedom. And watching a soldier struggle to be separated from their families has always made me grateful for their sacrifice. Nowadays, I'm even more grateful for them. So in case I haven't said it to you lately, then let me emphatically say: Thank you for my freedoms and your service! :D

We had a pretty good time at the parade today, and Matt was even willing to wander to the antique car show. I have pictures and will post 2 slideshows as soon as I figure to how to get them from either my IPhotos or my IMovie programs. I have two because instead of doing one with both the fireworks and the parade, I decided to do one with the parade and one with fireworks. Why? Because the music for the parade pictures wasn't what I was looking for for the fireworks and vice versa. Look for another post either tonight or tomorrow.

Speaking of slideshows, I'm working on one for Sissy's 12th birthday. Not the big 13th, but she will be starting 6th grade right before her birthday, and I want to give her something she can hang on to to remind her where she came from to get where she is now. Sadly, since she was born way before digital cameras and I can't get her baby pictures on my computer, it's only going to be her school years, but oh well. It should still be fun!

Ok, I just realized I'm babbling which is a great sign I'm getting tired and I really want to see how I can post my slideshows/picture movies before I crash. I hope ya'll have had a wonderful, safe and rewarding holiday.


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