Sunday, June 20, 2010

Okies... Father's Day Blog: Take 2!

So I was trying to write a blog post about what a great Father's Day we had and poof! I had that little message pop up about how my post was published successfully. How? I hadn't even finished the title yet! I really should just log out and go to bed, but I REALLY want to say this:


No, I only had one dad. And I really miss him. I didn't tell him enough how much he meant to me and now it's too late. But there are a lot of men in my family and the majority of them are dads, so I can tell them how special they are. And since it is a well known fact in my family that I am HORRIBLE at remembering to mail things, I never send out cards. But I can blog! :)

The kids and I spoiled Matt rotten today. And yesterday. He got new shoes that he needed badly. Oh, and some new shorts, cause he is so not a long pants kinda guy. He wears a man-skirt for goodness sakes! He got a new IPod, too. Eli wanted to buy a chain to hook it to so that Matt wouldn't forget it in the bathroom again and have it stolen, but we decided that wasn't necessary. Maybe even a little overkill. :p We've been planning this celebration for a while, can you tell? We had grilled brauts and I made Guinness Cupcakes. It was a great day.

Oh and Matt got a new motorcycle, too. (Told ya we spoiled him rotten!) He sold his Jeep last week and we needed something as a 2nd vehicle. We're all gonna miss that Jeep... and I'm going to have heart failure every time he rides the motorcycle to and from the park and ride. But oh my! You really should have seen the goofy smile he was sporting when he got home from driving the darn thing from the dealership. For all of my fellow safety freaks out there, he has a very good helmet, jacket, boots, gloves, AND he's taking the rider safety course in a few weeks. It's also not a very fast motorcycle. It's actually a dual-sport, something he can ride on motorcycle trails or the highway. Best part? We'll be saving almost $140 a month in gas. I'm all for that. :D I'll let you know in a few months on how well I'm handling things with him as a motorcyclist.

School is out now. Sis graduated 5th grade last Monday. Matt and I both got to attend and were very surprised when she received the Presidential Award for Academic Improvement. She didn't tell us about it, in fact she said she wasn't getting anything. :) And then at the end, we were watching a very cute slide show when all of a sudden: Fire Drill. Actually it wasn't a drill, although thankfully it turned out to be a false alarm. The elementary school is undergoing massive renovations and one of the construction workers tripped a wire, setting off the alarms. It was really funny after a while.

Eli will be starting 4th grade. This year he was in a 3rd/4th multiage class and did remarkably well. And next year he will have the same teacher from this year, Layla Rocchi. (Actually, I think it's Cousins. She got married the beginning of the school year, but has kept her name since it was easier for the kids.) I'm so glad that he's in her class again. She has helped him so much to improve his handwriting skills. And she gets him. She understands him and his imagination. What more could I ask for in his teacher?

Well, I have a feeling that if I keep writing, I'll make even less sense than normal or I'll start repeating myself. I think I might have already done that, but oh well!

I hope you guys had a great weekend. To all the Dads in my family, you are all amazing and I thank you for being who you are. To Matt, Enjoy the bike, babe! Love ya!!!


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