Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My love note...

You know, I Love Love Love this idea of mine. I really do. And I think I'm gonna do it again next year!

Monday was Oscar's day. He loves to snuggle under the blanket on my lap while I watch TV. Lately, I haven't been vegging out on the couch very much, that whole 100 lb goal and all. But yesterday, Liz was home sick again, and I didn't go for my long walk with Rtoo. (Oscar doesn't go cause he just can't go that long and far with his little doggie legs.) Instead of walking she and I went out back where Liz could see us through the window and Rtoo chased me and her toy around. (We found one toy on Sunday that she loves to play with!) When I came back in, Oscar curled up on my lap and I threw my blankie over us and I tell ya.... Oscar was in his own Nirvana!

Today, it's everybody but the dogs day. They can't eat chocolate. Come into my house right this second and your nose will love you. I'm making Brownies. I know, I know.... not a smart choice when you're dieting. But I'm a very firm believer in allowing small cheats every now and again. It keeps you on track if you know you're gonna get a reward. And brownies are a very good reward. Yum!



Hilary said...

I love love this idea of yours, too! What I love especially is that these love notes don't require tons of money (or any money at all), but just good thoughfulness & affection, which means they really can be daily things. And smart you for letting yourself eat brownies once in awhile! From a gal whose lost a bit of weight herself, this is the way to go :)

Daisy said...

Hey ya, Hilary! I'm so glad you both enjoy this and understand the point. I've always thought that although a gift sometimes is what an occasion calls for, everyone should know how to share love with actions. I'm hoping my kids will understand that when the month is over. :)

Thanks for the encouragement in the weight department! Sometimes a little encouragement is all that keeps me sticking to my goal... along with the occasional brownie! :D