Thursday, May 21, 2009

A G33K's Life

Yuppers, I know I misspelled that. In case it doesn't make sense... My title today is "A Geek's Life" only I spelled it weird. In Honor of Matt's new link site:

(This will take you there! Promise! I had to change the color cause you couldn't see it against my background!!)

Actually, I think the sites actual name is Vivere Sat Vincere (To Conquer is to Live Enough) which is the Mullins Family Motto. One that Matt has fully adopted as his own personal motto. 

What's on his Link Site? Just that, a bunch of links. But you have to really know Matt to know that by surfing through his links, you'll find a lot about the man and the things he sees as important. There are bike links, Jeep links, Washington State job links, and even a whole section of Kilt links. And the link to here, my blog? Well, that's front and center, right on his intro page.

Go check it out. You'll find a bunch of useful information, especially if you are looking for a job in Washington, a kilt, or anything to do with Bikes and Jeeps. And let me tell you, if you aren't finding what you're looking for send him a message. I'm sure he just might know how to help you find it.

Oh and by the way... being a geek in our house is sooooooooooo not a bad thing. Neither is being a dork. In fact, the Geek married the Dork, so it's all good!


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