Saturday, May 23, 2009

Do you know how awesome our God is?!?!

Our family made a plan. And our plan was based on Matt not getting a message about his job interview. 

The plan was: If by noon Friday we hadn't heard anything, we were moving. It was decided. And even though we hadn't heard anything we were still going to prepare ourselves for the possibility that we would be moving by packing and being ready for all our stuff to be put on a truck to Centralia on Tuesday. The kids had even told their friends and teachers. They arranged to bring cupcakes and I spent all day Thursday making them.

Friday didn't start all that great. Matt has been slowly losing his enthusiasm and was all but sure no news would come. When Matt is down, the whole household loses momentum and he was definitely down. I was running behind my schedule after over sleeping. I had planned on having lunch ready and eaten so that I could get to the school by 12:30 with the kids' farewell cupcakes. 

As I was getting ready to take the first load of cupcakes to the truck, Matt finally heard from the company. We were running late, so why shouldn't they be, too?


We aren't going to be moving right now, although we are almost positive we should be moving around the end of summer since the job is in Downtown Seattle looking out on Elliot Bay and Carnation is a pretty decent drive, especially in traffic. We'll have more details for you as we get closer to that time, but for now...

Thank you, God, for being so awesome!

And Thank you, friends and family, for keeping us in your prayers. And please continue to pray for this opportunity to last longer then the last one! :p


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