Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekly Job Search Update..

So to keep you guys updated on our job search...

I have a second interview with the craft store tomorrow at 11 am. Please pray for me, I'm really nervous. I have confidence in my skills as a paper crafter, but not my interview skills. When I'm nervous or scared, I tend to either get REALLY quiet or I babble. Last time, I was quiet, which the lady who interviewed me admitted made her wary about giving me the position. I'm actually very surprised I was even given a second interview.

Wednesday morning, bright and early Matt has an interview with T-Mobile. He seems very confident that with his experience, he has a chance at being hired. And this job will allow us to stay in Carnation. The T-Mobile location he would be working at is in Snoqualmie, about 20 minutes from us. There are a few things that would make this job less than ideal, but we won't reach for those eggs to put in the basket just yet. Please keep him in your prayers, too. 

Other than that, there isn't really all that much to tell. Things here are plugging along, and we're taking it all day by day. God is giving us patience and calm to deal with each day as it comes. Our family is growing stronger together despite the difficulties we face, and that alone is an answer to prayer.

Smoochies ya'll!

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Connie said...

WOW! You will be in our prayers and everyone here at work is praying for you 4 also. We are still getting our house in order just in case you need to move down here. Love you all. Mom