Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sissy's concert...

Back in November, Elizabeth's 4th grade class was supposed to have a special program as part of their Washington History curriculum. Well, it was cancelled due to mother nature. And it took forever to find a time to schedule it again, because of the holiday's and other activities being scheduled. It was finally rescheduled for right after the Christmas holidays. And again, it was cancelled due to mother nature.

Finally tonight, Sissy's class held their program. We were so proud of Sissy! And I of course couldn't wait to show you all her gorgeous dress. I did a little photo editing because I don't have permission from other parents to include their children on my blog.

This first one, she was dancing the waltz with Garrett. All year long, these two have been paired up as dance partners, and I will say this about Garrett: When the other kids teased Elizabeth for having to dance with him, he put them all in their places and stuck up for her. And tonight, poor Garrett was terrified, especially since Sissy was wearing such a pretty dress. I overheard him telling someone he wasn't used to her being so girly!

This next one shows most of her pretty dress. For some reason, God decided I needed a girly girl. Maybe it was to pamper my own inner girly girl. Me, I am most comfortable in my jeans and camo boots, my hair all spiky like I just washed it, and no make-up. Sissy loves fancy clothes and make-up and sparkly shoes... and very frilly dresses... the more frills the better. Even though she rarely wears them, she still loves them! I saw this one the other day and thought it was perfect.  If you shop at Fred Meyer, check them out... some awesome sales this week! This was a $60 dress I got for less than $15!

Sissy had such a wonderful time, and I can't tell you how many parents came up to tell me what a well behaved respectful child I had. I'm not trying to brag, really I 'm not... I'm just so shocked! Maybe one day I'll actually get to meet the little girl they keep talking about! Until then, I'l enjoy people telling me about my mysterious third child, and enjoy my girly girl dressing up in her frills!

Hilary, thanks for the comment. And yes, we most definitely have to plan something! 


Hilary said...

She's lovely! This is going to make me sound older than old, but I remember when you first moved out here & she was just in kindergarten, I think - times flies!

Grandma Connie said...

I can't believe how much like Matt she looks. Her dress is very lovely. Tell her that Papa said that he would dance with her anytime!

Amber Vlangas said...

Awww what a sweet dress and a sweet niece! I know I am a day late an a dollar short commenting on this, but tell Sissy Aunt Amber is so proud of her!