Monday, February 2, 2009

Continued From yesterday...

I know yesterday I said I would be back after the game or after the kids went to bed, but I fell asleep! Matt has had a few extra days off and with him home, I feel so much safer at night that I've been falling asleep on the couch not long after the kids are in bed.

There's been a lot of bustling around our apartment building this past week as a couple residents left for newer horizons. I ran into our on-site manager as she was checking everything out and making sure who was still here. The relief on her face that some of her long time tenants would still be here at the end of the month was a little funny. But it kinda got us talking.

You know, we're cramped and with no other english speaking women that are stay-at-home moms in the building, I'm a little lonely. But all in all, we like our apartment. It fits our needs and helps us ensure we live within our means. For now, here in this little place, we've learned some valuable life lessons. And our kids are learning how to get along with each other, too. Don't get me wrong, I know that if the right opportunity came along for us to move closer to Matt's family in Centralia, or anywhere near any of mine, we would both jump on it.

On a totally different note, today has been a good day. Matt took me to lunch and it was really cool! Tuesday-Friday, I have to be home early so I can meet kids at school and bus stops. And usually on Monday, Matt is still asleep at lunch time. It was a nice surprise for him to wake up early and offer to take me to lunch. And it was awesome going out to eat without the kids. It was really cool getting that one on one time with him. We don't get enough of that. And when we do, I don't think either of us is verbally grateful enough. 

Thanks, Matt! Lunch was fantastic! I love you!

Have a great day, everyone!

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Hilary said...

1. Hooray for dates!

2. We should get together! I have quite a bit of free time these days - let's plan something!