Tuesday, January 27, 2009

At long last...

Album that can hold more than four hundred 4x6 pictures?  Check

365 Journal Cards?  Check

Camera?  Check

New Card Reader?

Start Date?  February 1. Check

Any idea how we're gonna do this?  Not really a solid idea, but the fun is in trying!

Last year a bible study I was in challenged us to celebrate each day we were given. How we did it was up to us, and as a scrapbooker, I figured I would take a picture a day. And for the most part, I did. And I think I must be crazy, but I'm starting again, only this time, I have a purpose on how to share those pictures. And maybe a way to keep me full of ideas on what to blog about, since the last two weeks, I found myself sounding like a bad first date:

"It's rainy out isn't it? At least it isn't snowing. Oh wait... I was wrong, IT SNOWED AGAIN! How is your weather?"

Anyway, I'm going to set a theme for each week and try to take a picture a day based on that theme. And yeas, I'm sure the themes will repeat themselves. After all, there are 4 people who live in my house and we all have a birthday. :) (And does anyone other than me notice I start a lot of sentences with 'And'?)

And (LOL! I did it again!) I decided, since it has taken me almost a full month to find the album, the journal cards, the card reader for my camera replaced and everything else I needed organized, I'm going to set a start day of February 1. SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!! WOOT! OK, it should say wanted instead of needed. I have more than what's needed to do this already. I just wanted stuff that would make it easier, and I got it all, so I'm set.

Not the most interesting blog post I know, but just wait. My first week's theme is my family and sports. And let me tell you... we don't play typical sports. :) 

Smoochies and See ya soon!

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