Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I have reason to believe I have lost my mind.

No really... I think I have seriously lost it. I quit smoking almost a year ago (not the reason) and it was cold recently, so I went to pull out my favorite jeans. Mind you I have been wearing shorts, sweats or PJ's since mid April. My jeans wouldn't button. Heck, they didn't even make it past my bubble bottom. So I stepped on the scale out of curiosity (soooooooooooo one of the reasons). OMG! 

I cried. Really. Alligator size tears. I've been sniffling about it for almost two weeks now. 

And then last Wednesday, I got my back-end back into gear (and yet another reason). I can do this. I know all the things your supposed to do. Heck, I've already lost over 100 lbs. My big problem was actually doing them. Because before this year, I would walk a while, go home sit on my porch and smoke a half a pack of cigarettes. Or I would measure out my snack and eat it, then sit on the porch with a smoke. I had to relearn how to do things minus the cigarettes, but i was so blah with the nic fits, I just decided not to do them. 

First thing to go: Flour. Now, I'm a firm believer that whole wheat bread, in moderation, is really good for most people. I, however am not most people. So I have regulated my family to whole wheat for the sammies, and me..... Brown Rice anyone?

Next: Kids desserts. We reward our kids. In their lunches they get a small treat. I used to buy them at Costco in bulk. Not anymore. I still plan on giving them a treat in their lunches. But now I buy them in a box with 10 treats, one box at a time. That way I know each child has a treat in their lunch each day of the week and that's it. 

My kids think this is the #1 reason: I am walking at least 2 miles a day. Some days more. Except on Sundays. And then, when I get home, I work out to a strength training DVD. If Curves was still in my area, I would probably be going there for my strength stuff, but I will just have to make do.

And then: Soda. We drink a LOT of soda in our house. No more. Even diet soda. Now I'm not saying I won't occasionally have a soda. But I won't be buying multiple fridge packs or 2 liters. 

And here is the real Number One Reason I think I have lost my mind: 

I am giving up coffee. 

I had to give that part it's own little line. And no, you didn't misread that. I said it. I am giving up coffee. Did you know that I have been drinking at least 6 cups of coffee a day, and on average maybe 5-6 24 ounce vanilla hazelnut latte's a week? Sometimes DOUBLE that. Just a little FYI: Latte's aren't good for your backside.

My goal is the 30 lbs I added from smoking and the last 40 I need to reach the medically suggested highest weight for my short 5'2.5" self. I'm muscularly built girl under the flab, and getting to the lowest suggested weight makes me look like I survived some unspeakable horrors. Not my goal. I would love to know what it feels like to be able to wear a size 2, but I never have worn size 2, and I really honestly KNOW I won't ever wear a size 2. I am so OK with that. 

My second goal with all of this is to teach my son, who is home sick right now, that fruits and veggies are not tools of Satan to destroy us. (Yes, he has actually said that. Don't ask me where he got it from because at this point I don't really think I want to know where it came from.) He got the impression he was allergic to a gazillon foods from his sister who has told him repeatedly that he doesn't like this or that.  

So. Here we go. The great Mullins family weight off! (lol I love that name!) Join us if you like.

SMOOCHIES and Happy Wednesday everyone!


Hilary said...

I have checked out a bazillion work-out DVDs from the library, and there are a few that I really, really like, so if you would like to use my incredible expertise (hahahahaha) on such matters, I would be glad to give my road-tested list :)

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Way to go Charity! I'll say a prayer for you every night that you can reach your goal!! (I know you can do it because I've seen you in that size 12/14 dress. Remember? Matt wanted to know what we did with his wife?) Anyway, I'm going to join you on your quest. I went to the doctor yesterday and eventho I've lost 10 pounds since last year, I still need to loose about 40 more! Good luck and keep me posted.....Love ya, Connie