Friday, September 12, 2008

My fashion forward thinking sillies!

For school, I usually buy my kids 2 new pair of shoes. Tennies and dress shoes. That's the way my dad did it, and Matt... well, matt leaves that sorta thing up to me. This year, Lizzie (still trying to teach myself to call her that!) had 2 pair of cute ballet slipper style shoes that still are in great condition, so instead of another pair of dressy shoes, I let her pick out a pair of fancier shoes to wear with her jeans on non-PE days. And she found the perfect pair! My sister and I used to get one pair of running shoes and one pair of penny loafers, so these reminded me of my shoes! 

Why am I writing about it now, a week after school started? Two reasons. 1) I hate to overshadow Lizzie's birthday with school talk, since it's usually the first week of school. 2) It's the first time she's worn them to school and she is so excited.

Check them out! 
And here is proof that my son is fashion conscious... he watches "What Not To Wear" with me and Lizzie ever week. And he says "Clinton wears black shoes with his jeans! Can I wear mine today, since Sissy (he says he'll never call her Lizzie) is wearing hers?" It's a perfect fit! Except for the fact that he's wearing a camo T-Shirt...

And of course, they can't take individual pictures... there always has to be a group shot!

Yup... I have to say my sillies are ADORABLE!!!!
Oh and just an FYI.... Eli saw these pics and went to change into a different shirt... The designer? Uncle Scotty! (Although I think Scotty would wear a blue hat....) I'll post a picture after the bus run!

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Anonymous said...

Hey you two!! You both look awesome!! (Love the hat, Eli!) Hope you have a wonderful year!

Love you bunches, Grandma Connie