Friday, September 5, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISSY!!!!!!!! (or should I say Lizzie!)

Matt and I are taking deep breaths and writing out our wills tonight. It has finally happened. We have seen our demise and it ain't pretty. I thought that our weights or our health or even a car accident would be the death of us. Nope. I was wrong. I have seen our ends and they come at the hands, or in some cases the mouth, of our once tiny, cute, funny, and loving bundle of joy, ELizabeth Sue. Some one has replaced our baby with a (dum dum dummmmmmmm)... PRETEEN!! 

Today she turned ten. She has stepped over the precipice of childhood and is now starting the trek into her preteen years. And we are terrified.  

In just 3 short years she will be a teenager, and let me tell you... If this first day as a pre-teen is any indication of what we should expect once the "pre" is dropped and she's officially a teenager, I think I'm going to join the Merchant Marines! Anything! Nothing can be as scary as what I foresee for Matt and I in the future. All those years Mama would yell at Amber and I, cursing us with ten kids as misbehaved as we were... Well, I couldn't have 10, I could only have two, and the curse is being fulfilled in my first child. 

But even as much as the thought of my little girl a pre-teen, and the fear of what she will be like as a teenager scares the pants off me, I do have to say this....

Ain't she such a doll?!?!?!?!

Happy birthday baby girl. We love you tons and bunches. And yes... Daddy will wear his man-skirt at the bus stop again. Just for you!!!!!

Love always,
Mommy and Daddy

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Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Sue, Beth Sue, Liz, Lizzy, Sissy...all of these names are rolled up into one super granddaughter!! Papa and I love you soooooo much. Hope you had a wonderful 10th birthday. May you enjoy the next 10 years of your life and remember that you can always run to Mommy and Daddy for ANY questions you may have about life. Also, don't ever forget that we're here for you too. These next 10 years of your life will be your best ever. Be good. Be careful. Be smart. Remember who you are and always stay true to yourself.
Hugs, kisses and noses......Your Grama