Saturday, August 30, 2008

12 weird, fun, UNFORGETTABLE, usually wonderful years...

Forgive me if there are grammar or spelling errors. I'm writing this way late or way early, depending on how you want to look at it.

12 years ago, Matt and I got married. Nothing big, or fancy, or even complete really. (We were missing a few people, mainly his parents and little brother.) I'm not sure if you asked us today, that we could tell you all the reasons why we decided that Labor Day weekend in 1996 was the perfect weekend to get married. All I can really say is that at the time it sounded like a good idea and so we did it.

I would be lying if I said the last 12 years have been the easiest, the best, the happiest, or even the most rewarding of my life. Some of those years were unbelievably hard, and I can honestly tell you one of them was the worst year of my life. But I can also tell you honestly that as much as I would want to turn the clock back and do all the hard times over, erase some, walk away from others, I really would not change a single thing. 

Why would I change them? We learned so much about ourselves and each other. We learned that we really could stick in there through thick and thin and better or worse. We learned we could learn from each other as well as teach each other. We learned that trust isn't easy, but it is a two way street. And if I changed any one of those hard moments, would I have the wonderful ones still? Those wonderful moments are way to wonderful to risk, so I think hard times with the tears and anger and hurt, they can stay. Because I learned from them, Matt learned form them, but most importantly we learned from them together. We learned lessons that will help us face the next stage in our life together. I can't wait to see what happens next. :) 

Anyway... a few months ago, one of my favorite scrapbook artists had a post on her blog her hubby put there for her birthday... and later one she put there to him to reciprocate. Twenty something reasons they loved the other person... (One reason for each year their spouse had been alive.) And I loved it! So I thought of one for Matt for our anniversary. 

So here we go! Just Twelve Of The Reasons Why I Love Matt!

Reason 12... Out of the blue, Matt will pick up coffee and/or McDonald's for breakfast on his way home from work. And sometimes he'll drive to Snoqualmie and buy me a Firecracker Latte`... YUMMY!!!!

Reason 11... He laughs at mine and Eli's jokes... even when we get flustered and forget what we're saying or the joke just ain't funny.

Reason 10... He lets me obliterate him at cards... except for poker, but then he won't suggest playing poker cause he knows I don't know how to play!

Reason 9... He picks out Elizabeth's clothes because he knows that I have no sense of style.

Reason 8... He supports my reading addiction. There are so many other things I could be buying, books are nothing!

Reason 7... Same thing with my scrapbooking addiction. He not only lets me go shopping whenever we can afford it, he even encourages me to show off my projects, no matter how many times he's had to come look at whatever I'm working on cause I need his opinion on something.

Reason 6... He switched computers with me! He waited forever to get a Mac Book Pro, and he finally got one this year. But after a few months, he gave me the Mac Book Pro and took the PC. He said it was because his game was causing the laptop to work to hard. I think it was because he knows how much I hate the PC but I love Mac.

Reason 5... He eats my cooking, even when I insist on cooking a dish he absolutely hates. And then, even though it's something he wouldn't normally eat, he tells me how good it was and that he didn't really mind. (Like when I make beef stew, lima beans, or shepherd's pie.)

Reason 4... He sits and watches sappy chick flicks with me, and has even teared up at a few. (The Bucket List was the best!)

Reason 3... He knows when I just need a hug or when he should duck and cover cause I'm wishing I could throw something through a window. 

Reason 2... Elizabeth and EliMichael. No explanation needed there.

Reason 1... Because he loves me back. 

I love you Matt. Thanks for the first 12 years. I can't wait for the next 50 plus!

And for our friends and family who haven't seen these ever or in a while, a few pictures from the day Matt and I got married...

My dad, James, me and Matt.

Other than Daddy, LaNelle, and the J.O.P. who married us, these were the only other guests at the wedding: (left to right) Juanita, Teresa, and James Goad and Joan Brumbach. 

My sister Amber and her hubby Chris... the eloped almost a month to the day before Matt and I did... :p She's also the one who told me that if she found out I actually wore jeans and a t-shirt to say my vows, she would turn around and not come to see us at all!

Matt and I feeding cake to each other. I tried to smash the cake... he got me instead. My sister in the background is doing that purposely fake "Ain't that so sweet!" thing in the background.

SMOOCHIES Ya'll! Please have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!

PS... Matt read my post and I was fired. :) Love you!!!!!

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Hilary said...

It makes our hearts happy to see you celebrating your 12th (!) anniversary :) Happy, happy day to you & Mr. Matt :) :)