Sunday, July 20, 2008

We're WHAT?!?!?!?! :p

I've been so absent from my computer lately! I'm so very sorry! Summer vacation and keeping kids occupied and happy has been an all day activity for me. Pictures will come soon. My card reader went fritzoid again. I even have a picture to prove how well Matt is doing with his bike riding. Remember the shot a few posts down of him dead on the living room floor? That was after a 45 minute ride. The one I can't wait to show you is after he did a three hour ride... he's still standing!

If you have tried calling, most of you have my cell phone number. It died. And if you live in the Redmond area, and have AT&T, there's an AT&T store right there by Redmond Town Center. Next to the party store... DON'T GO THERE!!!!! The customer service seriously sucks. The guy who was helping me pretty much dissed me, and when I asked to speak to his manager, he looked at the guy next to him behind the counter and said "She wants to talk to you." Go to the Woodinville store next to Barnes and Noble. Trust me. If you want to get in touch with me and don't know our home phone number (hasn't changed since 2005, even though we moved. Vonage) give me a contact email and I'll send it to you.

Elizabeth wants to know about our family heritage and where we came from. She wants to do a scrapbook about it and she wants me to help her. We've already found the scrapbook, the concept and even some of the designs. Now to the content. We need the people. And if we can't find pictures, we can do journalling. I'm telling you, she really wants to know about our family.

Matt has had a few down moments lately that he has decided to research his genealogy. He found a couple very helpful sites that led to a distressing discovery. Well, for Matt it was distressing. I personally think it's funny. That's where the title for today's blog comes from. Is his family french or Irish? It's been funny listening to him try to figure out which relative outside of Washington State is his ancestor.  If it's french, let me tell you, he isn't happy.

We found a great site that had my tree on my dad's side traced back all the way to Moses Chapman who lived 1795 to 1897... problem is that they don't say where we're from. I know that the research has been done. My dad was really into it, and I remember one time my mom's parents were visiting and Big Grandpa and Daddy spent a few hours talking about it. 

So, OK, back to Sissy and her scrapbook... I know that at least 2 people who read my blog have better communication with at least two other people on either parents side who can help me answer Elizabeth's question of where our families come from. How about a hand? Can you tell me where we are from? What European ancestor fled their homes countries for a new chance at a better life? I tried calling LaNelle and I WANT to call Amber but my cell phone issues make it almost impossible to get the numbers I need. I'll be waiting! :) 


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Anonymous said...

Hey Charity, I love reading about you, Matt and the kids. Keep it up. We don't get to see enough of you guys and this is a wonderful way to keep us in touch. You are really a wonderful writer! Did you know that my dad's relatives are English and my mother's relatives are Finish. Just thought I'd throw that into the mix too. Tell Sissy that I hope she has fun with her project. Love Grandma Connie