Saturday, July 5, 2008

Carnation 4th of July Parade post 2!

Again... posting about our 4th of July. Pictures loaded in backwards, and limited pictures per post. And now... on with the day....

There were a lot of mules mixed in with the horses. Most of them were pulling wagons. These 2 were pulling a wagon, but I took the picture because it looked like they were having an argument. It was cute... at least I thought so. 

This one horse was doing the cha-cha. Of course you can't see it in a still shot, but the horse was literally dancing down the street.

This little go cart, golf cart, whatever you call it, in the next picture was part of the Carnation/Duvall Police and Fire departments (We share police officers and a station, we have our own Fire Station). Matt said one day when we win the lottery, he wanted one of them. And then this evening when we were looking through the pictures, he said to me,

"You know what? It would make so much sense, this being a farm community and all, for the town to encourage the use of golf carts like this to get around. I mean it's so much more fuel efficient, economically, AND especially environmentally friendly to run to the grocery store in a golf cart than in the farm or family truck!"
So when we win, you know where to find us... in the nearest golf cart community that isn't specifically for seniors. :p

Like I mentioned, Carnation is a town, and we are a farm town.  It's a sad fact that most farm communities usually have a lot of people in the school and retirement age groups. Young people try to get away as soon as they can. The good thing about that, is by the time we hit that age group heritage and history is very important to us. And that makes it great for someone like me who is very interested in both heritage and history. One of my favorite parts of the parade is always the vintage tractors and cars. 

This next sight was pretty funny and my absolute favorite part of this years parade. Another farm community staple are the John Deer Tractors. And this newer looking one came trudging toward us, I noticed the line connecting it to a miniature version that had a sign that said in big bold letters "I AM". We had to wait a few minutes for it to pass us so we could read the back... LOVED IT!!!!

Be on the lookout for the rest of the story. I'm not sure I'll get the last post about the the 4th of July done tonight, but I'll get it up tomorrow evening at the latest! Enjoy and I hope your day was blessed. Thanks to all of you who ensure our freedoms continue so that each year we are free run around in silly outfits, riding in even sillier floats, drinking ourselves into an oblivion, and then blowing things up all night long celebrating the birth of this great nation. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!!!!

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