Sunday, July 27, 2008

Grandma's surprise!

So, a week and a half ago, Matt and I were talking about what we would get his Mom for her birthday. He wanted to buy her dinner maybe, the kids wanted to drive down to see her, and I was gonna make a card. Funny thing about making plans, though. Sometimes, it doesn't matter what you plan, it just ain't gonna happen.

Our truck needed a lot of extra attention this paycheck and that blew all our good intentions out of the water. So did the fact that I ran out of stamps and didn't make it to the post office in time to mail grandma's card. *look for it in the mail early this week grandma!*

And then I remembered my blog. And my camera. AND the kids love of art. So out came the paper, markers, and camera and here we are!

Imagine the chaos: Eli didn't want to color that page, he wanted the other one. Elizabeth wanted to write something all over both pages, Eli didn't. Matt just wanted to go back to sleep. *That and I would love to see anyone else try to get him to sit for a picture!* Then I went and set the camera up so I could use the timer and actually be in the shot. We finally figured out what we were wearing, who was sitting in whose lap, which side Daddy would sit and how to get Oscar to sit still for the picture... Freeze everyone!! 

And CLICK! The camera was aimed three feet to the left, so it looked like Eli, me and Daddy's computer were sending best wishes to Grandma... Oh and Daddy's ear and Sissy elbow. Whew! 

Fix the camera... and CLICK! Eli was blocking Mommy. 

Adjust Eli and... adjust him again... One more time... CLICK!! Sissy's sign was blocking Daddy's face.

Daddy hadn't moved a muscle the entire time. Really. It was hilarious. Move Sissy's sign down out of Daddy's face. And... CLICK! 

Happy birthday, Grandma Connie. We wish we could have visited and done lunch. We miss you, love you, and hope to see you soon!!!


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Anonymous said...

WOW! My family is growing up before my eyes! I miss you all so-o-o much. Thanx for the special birthday picture! I'm so looking forward to seeing you all REAL soon. Love for now! Grama Connie.