Monday, August 4, 2008

Hey Moe!! Or are you Joe?!?!?! Happy Birthday Amber!

PS: OK, I know it's backwards, but I wanted to put the PS up here for my family and mutual friends of my sister and me. Leave Amber a comment here and I'll forward them to her. It's her birthday and she's in the process of moving form RI to VA and you might not be able to call her and send her wishes.


Some time ago, my parents gave me the most awesome present. My sister Amber was born on August 5th some 27 PLUS years ago. If I told you what the plus was, she would be morally obligated to put a major hurt on me and since she is a mother of 3 and a former Marine, I'm scared of her. Although it might be worth it to have her fly out her to inflict that major hurt. Hmmmmmm.... :D Yes, I'm kidding. Sort of. Anyway!

Now, I'm not gonna lie. It took me almost 20 years before I appreciated the 'awesome gift' my sibling made, especially since she kept trying to, in my biased opinion, kill me. Mind you, I did get my fair share of damage to her in. But then she turned 5 and it was all over. She spent the next 13 years or so getting me back for my first few attempts to sell her, flush her down the toilet, and decorate her with the reachable contents of refrigerator. And I spent those 13 or so years trying to hide. (No. it wasn't really THAT bad. Honestly.)

Do you remember the first gift you ever gave one of your siblings? A gift that you gave them with little or no help from your parents? I DO!! :p 

I can't remember exactly how old Amber was, 4 or 5 I'm sure. It was about 2 or 3 weeks before her birthday, so I think she might have been 4. Anyway... First I gave her a very valuable lesson. I taught her that when your older sister is chasing you, wait until after you clear the doorjamb before you turn your head and look over your shoulder to check how close she is or you just might introduce your head to said doorjamb. And then the ER doctor gave her my 2nd gift. Stitches!

Yes, she and I have a sick sense of humor when we deal with each other. It works though. Now we get along great, and our gifts to each other are so much more meaningful!

I'm going to give her yet another wonderful gift...... Are ya ready for it?

Here it comes!!!


I just wanted to tell you I love you.



Have a great day, Abee Baby. Go to the beach, hang out with the family, forget about unloading the vehicles. Eat lots of cake. ENJOY not having to drive on your birthday! I MISS YOU TONS AND TONS AND I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!

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Amber Vlangas said...

Very funny post. Those were the you a hard time!

Just kidding :)

I remember those stitches like it was yesterday. I also remember the time that I had chicken pocks. Perhaps you might recall that little incident? We both took our shots at each other and came out okay anyway (grins)

I had a good birthday, thanks for the well wishes! We went to an Italian restaurant with some of the best food we have had since we were stationed in Italy.

Virginia Beach is nice, we went to a little water park so far, but haven't made it to the beach yet. The house is nice as well and the base good for walking. I will send pictures when I get a chance!

Lots of Love,
Abee Baby