Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sissy Day!!! Yay!

Ok, so before I get into Sissy Day, I gotta tell you my bizzare and unusual holiday. Yes, today is Chocolate Chip Cookie Day... BUT more importantly.... WAIT!!!! Don't hurt me! I am in no way saying chocloate chip cookies are not important. Far from it. BUT today is also Police Officer Appreciation Day. Thank you to all the men and women who keep our cities safe. And thank you to the guys who keep pulling over the jerks that speed in front of my kids' school. And thank you for being part of that group who runs in to make sure the rest of us can run out. YOU ROCK!

And on to Sissy Day! It all started out when we were getting ready to go out the door.... LOVE the scrunchie nose smile there. Looks like she's in pain or something! I swear all I did was tell her it was SISSY DAY and if she was smart, she would go along with it. Yeah... see how well it went?

Then at the bus stop... well Eli and I decided to do a little conga line. hehehe That was fun! I wish there had been someone else to take a picture because before we were done... we had the construction workes who are working on the road across the street in on it too!!!

And of course I couldn't stop there! Nope, Eli and I tried to get some semi-trucj drivers to honk(The bus stop is on the side of the highway. Don't worry speed limit through town is 30, and the cops keep a good eye on us in the morning.). We had 10 before he got bored and we started with the pictures. I even let Eli take a few. He did pretty good getting Sissy, her best friend Hong-Ngoc, and me all centered, don't ya think?

Then, Malinda our bus driver arrived. It dawned on me that the first day of school this year, I had to work (when school started I wasn't able to stay at home, but was working). I didn't have any getting on the bus pictures! What kind of mom was I? Sheesh! And with only about 20 days or so left! So out came the camera again and off I went. They (all of the kids at our stop) were posing their way accross the street and on the bus.

I guess it didn't embaress them TOO much! But!!!!!! Hey Amber? I'm remembering the Frumpy Housewife song! How about you?!?!?! All in all it was so worth it, because I got some pretty funny and decent pictures of my daughter FINALLY!!!

Hope ya'll have a great day!

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