Friday, May 16, 2008

I did it!!!!!!!!

I DID IT!!!! I TRAINED MATT TO GET THE CAMERA! FINALLY!!!!! hehehehe It took almost 12 years, but Matt ran for the camera this morning to get shots of the deer in the field behind our appartment building. He took the pictures from inside, looking out a window that doesn't open, but still! He took pictures because he remembered my POTD thing and thought I might like these! I'm so proud! lol
Right next to the field and RIGHT behind our pourch is a scrap yard where they store building materials. One of our little friends got stuck on the wrong side of the fence. (LOL I just got the pun! hehehe) The workers were trying to coax it out so they could work. And the other two deer were watching from the grass.
Matt said there were two bucks and one doe. And that they are probably still out there bedding down. We'll see when the kids start playing outside this afternoon. :)
Today is a very special day. SEA MONKEY DAY! Yay!!!! (for real, it is!) And National Pizza Party Day.

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