Wednesday, May 14, 2008

'Nuff Said!!!

The other day, I was working on my blog, and I looked over to ask Matt something and low and behold, Eli was sound asleep. It was around 7 or so. Poor little dude was going through a growth spurt. He lost a tooth and I guess it was enough to make him drop. It was cute since he apparently fell asleep while routing his daddy on. Matt was playing WoW and all of a sudden his cheering section grew really quiet. Poor Eli! :P So this is my picture of the day for yesterday.

But then today.... Whew! Eli is in a very goofy mood. And he decided to let me take his picture! I love his teeth! In the last week, he has lost 2, one on the bottom right, one on the top left. And it is hilarious. I know I am doomed to ruin his self esteem, but everytime he full on smiles.... OMG!!!! I just can't hold it in! Like the title says, " "Nuff Said!" Look at his darling, toothless, very hillbilly smile. And don't worry. At least for right now, he's laughing with us.

After he very nicely let me take the toothless pictures, knowing full well I was blogging them, he said to remind everyone... *Happy Chicken Dance Day!* I wish I had had my camara when I dropped them off at school this morning. Both Sissy and Eli, as well as our neighbor walked away from the truck doing the chicken dance. It was Priceless!

The rest of my blog I wrote sometime before dinner. This next part I wrote around 2 AM after a realization hit. I simply do not have enough pictures of my darling little girl. So on that note: **Tune in tomorrow (5-15) for Sissy Day!** Nope not her birthday or any other celebration. Nothing but the simple fact that I WILL get some more decent pictures of her even if she has to be hog tied! And I might even embarass her too. Ya never know! I have been known to do weird and unusual things at the bus stop with the sole purpose of seeing how red my kids faces become. You know... it has been a while since my last adventure. Hmmmmmmm! WOOT! I'm off to plan for tomorrow! Dream Sweet and have a good night!!!!

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