Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Play with me Daddy!

I've been reading about all the awsome hubby's and significant others on my message board, and I wanted to toot a little about mine. After the last year of problems and other issues we've had, I just wanted him to know how important he is.

Matt is a great supporter. He goes to work faithfully, no matter how bad it is, and in the 8 years he's only called in sick a handful of times. But it's not just finacial support he gives. He has an awsome shoulder when you need a good cry, and he doesn't mind the occasional snuggle when you just need a hug. And when I told him we needed to get with the program so neither of us gain back any weight we've lost, he's right there with me, offering to walk with me every day before the kids get home from school.

He loves to play MMO's, and even more, loves it when Eli sits next to him and *helps* him. Eli learned to encouragment from Matt. When Matt thinks you can do something, he pushes you to do your best, praising you with every turn. Right now, ELi and Matt are sitting together playing WoW and Eli is telling Daddy not to give up! *You can do it, Buddy!!*

A while back, Sissy was going through her *Bling Bling Diva* stage. She had to have all the toy rings and necklaces and clip-on earrings she could get! And once she had them, she had to have someone to play with. I would come home to find Daddy with earrings on, playing his computer games with Eli, who had on necklaces, while Sissy sat doing her Barbies hair.

He loves bicycle sports, and every year he and the kids pick someone to support in the Tour de France. And he patiently teaches them the details about how the riders got to the point where they could ride in the Tour. In exchange, Matt HATES baseball. But he still makes sure I make it to at least one Mariners home game a year, and sends me with someone who will enjoy it too. He also puts up with the World Series when I want to watch either of the teams involved that year.

He's also extremely supportive of my scrapbook addiction. Ask him what to give me for a gift and he'll tell you without a thought.. "She mentioned a new line of *fill in the blank* at the craft store this week. You could get her a gift card there." When I need to relax, he always walks me to my craft area and tells me to have at it. Crop nights come up and if we aren't out, he says *Go! I'll make PB&J if I have to!* And when I spend money on supples, he doesn't get to upset. Especially when I show him what I used them for. And that's the other thing. He looks at my pages and tells me if the colors match or if there's to many embellishments. He likes what I do, but when I don't do my best, he tells me. He's honest. That's when I know he's really paying attention to me and what I'm doing!

I took this picture today because in the original, Matt wasn't wearing a shirt, and he really hates having his picture taken without one. The deal was I could take another, as long as he could at least have a t-shirt. Since Matt NEVER poses for pictures without a look of pain, I was willing to jump at the offer. And well... since it's the only picture I took today... It's my POTD! :p

Oh, and my bizarre and unusual holiday... of all the ones I found for today, my favorite has to be this one.....


Anonymous said...

I love your blog today - I might have to bloglift. :) Your kids are precious!


LaNelle said...

Glad things are going well. Camping season is started so I will go as much as possible. Don't know how much I can go with gas prices as high as they are. Going to KY to work with the youth there. Promised a year ago so feel committed to go. God will provide.