Wednesday, May 7, 2008

LOOK!!!! A decent picture of my daughter!

Look! It's Sissy! And she's smiling! A miracle has occured! YAY!!!!!! That makes a fabulous POTD, don't ya think? Me too! :p I'm so shocked that she actually gave me a serious happy face and not a frown or evil look, i can't think of what else to write!

Ok, now that I've done numerous happy dances that resulted in me stubbing my toe 3 times on 2 different walls and my chair, and narrowly missing the dog 7 times I'll try to think of something else to blog. :p

Some of the ladies on my scrapbook MB are doing a *100 Page Dash* where the 1st person to do 100 scrapbook pages using their current stash without shopping for anything BUT adhesive and photos (and plain cardstock) wins. We post once a week, at least one of our layouts and we have a ticker that runs in our signitures that helps us keep track. Well, I'm not promising my scans will work, but I'm trying. And I'm going to put my once a week here too. I'm not going to post them all since I'm thinking on submitting a few layouts and some magizines request that they not be previously posted or published.

And for my Bizzare and Unusual holiday... I figured out why my kids are in fould moods today!!!

Today is *The Great American Grump Out!* Now, I don't know if your supposed to be anti-grumpy or grumpy all day, but they've chosen the latter... which Makes Sissy's smile all the more precious to me today!

And one last note... I am horrible at answering comments. If you have left me a comment, then you know I'm directing this to you: Thank you for you compliments on my blog and my children! I'm very proud of them all! :D Have a great day!

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