Thursday, May 8, 2008

Books by the cover....

Ok I'm putting my bizzare and unusual holiday up here today. I figured out how to move my picture down. Who'd a thunk it was as easy as moving the cursor and hitting *enter*? :p ANYWAYS... I decided to pick one or two of my favorites a day instead of a whole list simply because I plan on continuing for a while so I can save some for next year, and well... sometimes figuring out all the different websites to find all the different days gets me a little too confused. I know, not that hard to do, but oh well. There are a couple of serious ones out there (exp: today is V-E Day), and I by no means want to leave them out. But some days, I like to be goofy and it's just easy being serious in my house somedays. Today we're all in good mood which after yesterday, I'm soooooooooooo glad for it.

I connected with a long lost friend today, which of course made my day pretty cool. It put me in a really good mood. So on behalf of my awsome mood... I picked today's spotlight holiday to be... *drum roll* NO SOCK DAY!!!!!! Yay!!! I love going sockless, so it's an apropriate day. Woot!

Ok... On to my POTD FOr today, May 8.

My son Eli is a mohawk-aholic. He loves this freaky spikey hair style for some odd reason. Even to the point that when one of my friend's oldest son cut her 16 month old son's hair into an almost bald state, Eli asked me why he didn't leave the middle and give his little brother a *Man-hawk*. I couldn't believe it so I just stared at my son and his logic.

We even allow him to wear his hair in a mohawk. I am not one to buy into the whole bad boy sterotype about what a child looks like being an outward sign of what's inside. My daughter likes to dress like an 80's pop diva reject, and my son likes the mohawks. They are really good kids for the most part. I mean we are entering the years where attitude becomes the major reason for getting grounded for a day, and there is not longer a 5 minute time out for sticking a peanut butter sandwhich in the VCR. BUT my kids have been singeled out at school for their respectful behavior. We even had a fellow student's parent comment once on Eli's "contridictive" hair cut. They said they were pleasently surprised how he was totally oppisite from what they expected when they 1st saw him. It's been said time and time again, but I'm going to add my voice: You absolutly cannot judge a book by it's cover. A child is no different.

Well, today, I sent my darling beautiful little boy off with the school required *flat hair*. They don't mind him having a mohawk in the 1st grade, as long as it lays down flat and doesn't interfere with the education process. He came home like most little boys, smelling of dirt and sweat... and this time his har was standing up straight. *shakes her head* It was to cute the way he was excited for learning how to make his hair stay up WITHOUT all the product. And he couldn't wait to share his new found knowledge with me...

*It's easy Mommy! I just ran around the gym in PE and then when we got back to class, I put my hand in my hair and pushed up! And it stuck!*

And on that note! Have a good day!

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