Monday, May 5, 2008

The Art of Sticky Notes.

Ok, so I do this a lot. See the picture of my desk? My drawers, cabinet doors, front door, fridge, closet drawers, around my moniter, EVERY surface I see on a regular basis has got a sticky note stuck with SOME message I swore I could not live without. About once a month, I go through, read all my notes and throw out the irrelivant ones. Why share this? Hehehehe! Because I have finally done something that my son wants to do to! Read on!
My mother-in-law had this awsome china cabinet in her home since before her son and I got married & I've always loved it. A few years ago, my father-in-law got her a different one and she passed this one on to me. I LOVE IT!!!!!! But it does have a few minor issues. So instead of storing my china in it, I use it to store my completed Albums, and the few albums I have that are to tall for one of my bookshelves. See the bottom doors? That's where I keep the kids art supplies, behind the door on the right. The one on the left gets stuck, so I keep my *have to keep* boxes in there where the kids won't mess with them. It's sometimes hard for me to open them, let alone the kids.
Well, Sissy has been very territorial lately, and whenever Eli wants to put something he deems *special* somewhere safe, she throws a fit about that spot being HERS! Eli discovered the other day that there was just enough room on the left side of the Album cabinet that he could hide his treasure box, and as everyone in our house knows, that is Mommy's spot. The inevitible happened, and while he was trying to get to his treasure box, he got a HUGE splinter. You could probably cut off Eli's finger and he would scream and yell and cry LESS than whenever he has to deal with anything related to splinters, especially removing them!
A couple hours later, Matt directed me to look at my cabinet. Eli had stuck his own little sticky note up to remind himself that opening Mommy's side of the cabinet causes BIG OWIES. When Matt asked him about it, since the handwriting was so obviously Eli's, Eli informed him that he was doing what Mommy does and put a note to remind himself to stay out of Mommy's stuff!! If my battery hadn't been charging, I would have gotten these pictures yesterday, but They'll do for my POTD for today.
Not all of my holidays are happy or funny, although today is not only Cynco de Mayo, it's also Oyster, Hoagie, and Totally Chipotle Day. Today, for my Bizzare and Unusual holiday, I wanted to remind everyone to be aware of 2 things that are coming more and more out of the Unusual catagory, and it's something I'm glad people are paying more attention to. There are always days when we just don't feel like a party and there are days where *celebrating* doesn't have to be about sillines. Today I wanted to remember that's it's National Childhood Stroke Awareness Day and Melenoma Day. To all the survivors and fighters of either condition....


Monkdabutt said...

My MIL does the SAME thing with the postits. It is strange to go over there and see notes all over the place.

The important ones get written on binder paper and laminated. Like the one inside of the pantry with everything she wants to keep stocked in there.

Good habit though.

Kim said...

I really really really like your new blog!! That note from your son is adorable!! And with a few minor changes, I probably could have written your original post! lol I think we have a lot in common - including "territorial" daughters! Thanks so much for participating in the picture a day thing!! Love what you have shared so far!

Hilary said...

Poor Eli! I don't blame him for hollering about splinters - I do it too! :)