Sunday, May 25, 2008

National Missing Children's Day.

You always think a tragedy like a terminal illness, crime, or missing children is something that happens to other people, not you or your friends. Until one day it does happen.

Today my blog entry is dedicated to one of my best high school friends, Tamara Hall and her missing son Zackery Taylor Smith. In 1998, Tami's former high school sweetheart and ex-husband kidnapped their son Zackery. This picture is from her myspace page *Help Find Zackery*. You can see more about Tami and her story there. Tami, you are always in my thoughts and prayers, not just today, but everyday.

It's things like this that have happened to my friends that make me appreciate EVERY day I have with my kids, even days like today. Very early this morning my daughter woke me up because she was scared for her brother, who was crying in his sleep. The last couple days, he has been complaining his foot hurt, but that he didn't know why. It wasn't enough to visit the doctor he said, so we iced it, and waited. But this...crying in his sleep because he rolled over? I couldn't handle this. So I called Matt to come home early, and Eli and I went to the ER. X-ray's were clean, and the doctor said it was just severely sprained. And what kind of scrapbooker am I if I didn't take pictures when I could? The ER staff asked me not to take pictures in the waiting room, but at home was a different story!

This picture is while we waited for Daddy:

This one is the after picture. The ER people asked me not to use my camera, even in the waiting room. I was OK with that.
Eli's opinion? *Oopsie! I have an Owie!*
And Sissy said she had to be glamorous... just because her bother needed us to show our best faces to stay brave... Sissy all dolled up in makeup, and me with my middle age acne, nasti hair, and grungy sweats and t-shirt. Sorry... I'll let her be the Diva today.

Appreciate your kids and grand kids today. Please. And if you are one of the families out there affected by missing children, my prayers are with you.


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Tami said...

Thank you my friend ...i love ya and miss ya.