Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

If you cruise by Thursday or Friday and find nothing new... I usually don't use my computer those days. Matt's day's off. I think I forgot to tell you. :S Sorry!

I hope you all are having a fun, yet safe weekend. Matt works Sat-Wed, and just left, the kids are in my bed trying to go to sleep, and I'm here, writing my blog waiting for the police to come and break the party my neighbors are having in the parking lot up. Yes, I called. I don't mind holiday parties, really I don't. I'm the lady who looks up bizarre and unusual holidays to celebrate everyday. It's just when you live in an apartment building, don't have parties in the parking lot when kids are trying to sleep. And when the lady comes outside in her robe and slippers and asks you to be quiet, don't ignore her... it just makes her cranky. Especially when she is already PMSing without chocolate.

OK, now that I've said that and you're probably saying to yourself *Daisy is a loon.* I'll get on to my POTD4M. By the way... I am a loon. Just ask my kids. It's all their fault too. But how can you not be crazy over them? :p Also, my POTD for Thurs day and Friday are here, and I can't seem to get the picture for today off the camera. It's just not uploading, so I'll try again when I'm not so cranky. It would be bad for me to through my crop-a-dile through the moniter cause I'm mad at my computer. If you want to know what a crop-a-dile is, you can look it up at I know that some of my family might not know what that tool is.

Thursday night, we were all sitting in the living room supposedly watching something on TV, but as usual, Matt and Eli were glued to WoW, I was reading and Sissy was doing something else. Usually on Thursdays, Matt watches whatever GUY shows he has recorded during the week while he was working (Mythbusters, stuff from Speed Channel, that kinda thing.). And we usually all sit around with him while he watches them, all doing our own thing, but still togehter as a family. I looked over at Sissy, and LOVED what I saw. Like Mommy, Like Daughter. :)

I've been doing this challenge on my scrapbook message board. I finished. 100 pages using only the products in your current scrapbook stash. You weren't allowed to shop til you did 100 pages. Done. AND apparently there is a scrapbook store in Issaquah. I was at a crop on Friday (5/16) and one of my friends asked me if I'd been there. Been there? I didn't even know it was there! And it has been for 4 years! Wow! So guess what? Matt took us on an adventure Friday. Eli was happy... to get to Issaquah, we got on the freeway in North Bend, but we stopped for dinner first. At Arby's. You know those new Arby's commercials where the people are distracted, thinking about Arby's? That's been Eli the last couple of weeks. And did I take a picture of Arby's or my kids eating Arby's or the NASTI fajita wrap thing Matt ate? Nope. I took a picture of the flowers we parked in front of.

After dinner, we hit the road again. I can honestly count the times I've been on I-90 on both hands. That alone made me nervous. Let's not even delve to deeply into the fact that we think our turn signal is broken. I was such a nervous wreck! While we were driving there, I told Matt that no matter how fabulous I found this store, I didn't think he had to much to worry about with me ever going alone. He laughed. But that's OK... We made it there in one piece anyway. The Mad Scrapper in Issaquah.

Matt parked the truck, and I waited for him to bargain with me. You take that kid, I'll keep this one. Nope. He looked at me, smiled asked if I had money and then said, *Have fun. We'll be waiting.* It was just about 5pm. The store closed at 8. Did he really know what he was saying? What am I saying? Did I care?!?! I walked in and looked around. I think I smiled at the ladies at the counter. And I cried. For real. I cried.

You see, a long time ago, when I first started this obsession, there was a store not to far from where I lived. (Really, to call my level of interest in scrap booking a hobby is a major understatement. I'm seriously obsessed.) It was a FABULOUS store called The Scrapbook Garden. Then they moved to a different city and I was never able to find them again, although I drove up and down the road they were supposed to be on for MONTHS looking for them. I even made Matt take me a couple times so he could drive and I could look, just in case I missed them. Nothing. So I found this other store, again not to far from where I lived. Then they moved. But it was a good thing cause they moved to the little itty bitty town I lived in. I COULD WALK THERE!!! and I often did. But sadly not a lot of people could find them and they went out of business. I was devastated. Until Friday. Granted, I don't know how often I will be able to get there, I have found a new store, and for now, I'm gonna be happy. At least until the $75.01 in supplies I spent runs out.

Did you know that today is National Escargot Day, About Asparagus Day, and Tiara Day? Me neither! BUT we celebrated something else today too. It's National Jazz Day, and in honour of my brother-in-law Chris, who is an AMAZINGLY FABULOUS Jazz musician, that's what we celebrated today. Although, Sissy did do her celebrating with her Tiara on...


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