Monday, May 26, 2008

Eli's Memorial Day Observation...

First off, my camera is having issues, so no picture of the day for May today. Actually, I don't think it's the camera, I think it's the card reader I have, but it happens to be the only way I have of getting my pictures off the little SD card and into my computer right now.

We didn't do much today that I don't already have a gazillion pictures of anyway... except try to entertain Eli who discovered last night and this morning exactly why the doctor said to stay off his foot as much as possible. Poor little thing's foot is almost twice as big as usual and throbbing. And then he took a shower this evening... The hot water didn't help, and increased the hurt factor so much that he even tried bribing me with his sticker collection if I took him to the doctor again. I'm a sucker for stickers and an even bigger sucker for tears, but knowing there is nothing we could do if he won't stay off that foot out weighed the bribe and tears. And there isn't any bribe you can try on me that's gonna make me even consider putting the pictures Eli took of me today on anything public... He'll be lucky if I print any of them for scrapbooks!

We went to Fall City to eat dinner this evening before Matt had to work, but the line at our favorite little burger joint was way to long. We could have waited but none of us felt like sitting in the car that long in one place, waiting to go through a drive through, even if they do have the best milkshakes. (If ya'll are from around here and haven't tried Small Fries in Fall City, GO THERE!!!! Best shakes ever! FANTABULOUS!!) So we drove to North Bend and Taco Time after we decided to continue on and take advantage of three simple things.

1) Eli was no longer whining and crying about having to keep off his foot. He was enjoying the fact he got to sit behind Daddy with his foot on Mommy's armrest. And he didn't have to eat the BBQ Salmon Mommy had initially planned for dinner! (We had BBQ yesterday and decided last minute to eat something different.)

2) It was beautiful outside and the scenery we are surrounded by here in Carnation is amazing, but you can't see it unless it's a beautiful day. So we drove to North Bend so we could see Mt Si and some of the foot hills. When it's cloudy, you can't see them. On days like today, I wonder why I ever want to live anywhere else.

3) Before leaving the house, Mommy was unintentionally proving the quote *If Mama ain't happy, ain't no one happy!* Being out of the house and around people not related to Mommy was making Mommy a less crazed, happier person!

On the way home Sissy asked a question. She wanted to know if we had any famous people in our family history. You would think as my little family's historian, I would know this. Nope. No clue. So Matt and I listed some of who we do know, starting with Aunt Ilona (Matt's aunt Ilona Steelhammer is a well known folk artist here in the Pacific Northwest.) Matt said something about one of his great something or others and one of the types of apples. But my son.... Wow! He said the best thing. And on this Memorial Day, I'm going to end with this quote from Eli today. It pretty much says it all....

*Daddy is famous. And Papa Jim and Gramma Debbie. They were all in the Army. Oh! And Uncle Chris and Aunt Boo Boo. Cause of the Marines and Navy. They're all famous and heroes, right Mommy?*

To all our men and women in whatever service you are in and to your families, thanks for being famous heroes.


Marilyn said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I checked out yours, and me likee, I added you to my Google reader. I also added to that post instructions on setting up your reader. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! You're making me jealous! I miss "my mountain"! Sometime I'll post a pic of the "mountain and falls" view taken from where I grew up. It's a view that you only get from the land that was ours! Glad you had a good day and hope Eli's foot/ankle feels better soon! Loved his comment! Be sure to use it on a LO! ~Bev~