Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ever been so tired?

You ever been so tired you can't sleep? Every bone in your body weary, but nothing wants to relax and rest? That is me right now. So I got up out of my bed and started tinkering with my card reader. I got it working! YAY!! Now, I hope I can write this blog, and actually make it to the bed to sleep without stopping at the couch. Yesterday, I fell asleep watching Deadliest Catch on the couch and haven't been on my game all day. And Matt gets a kick out of how sore I am and that fact that he gets to say *I told you so!* (not an everyday occurrence, so he's taking full advantage of being able to say those words.)

Speaking of Matt, I think he would be happy if he could go back to bed and start the day over. I woke him up today cause it wasn't raining or too hot, and he likes to go on bike rides on days like today. Well, I think next time I'll let him sleep. First he rode a new trail blocked by tons of spider webs... (I would have freaked and run screaming into the sunset... I almost did run screaming when he was telling me this part, but I stopped cause we had reached the main road I didn't want to run into a bus.) Then he landed on his butt on this new trail. (I would have stopped and turned around right there. I don't like falling on my butt. And he didn't have his helmet, so that was another bad thing. But he got up and kept going.) Next, he put his foot down to balance and stepped into a puddle of mud... wearing his only shoes. (I keep telling him he needs to collect shoes like I do. But he doesn't. *sigh*) Then he ended up going in a circle (At least he only did one circle before he and the lady he past twice figured it out.). That's when I made him ride to the bus stop with me and he told me about the bad stuff up to this point. (Took a bad day break here for kids coming home, giving luvs doing homework eating snack and going to play with friends or watching TV.) Then, he sat on the back porch and cleaned the mud off his shoes... and when he was done with his shoes he spilled the water, then he stumbled trying to get in the house.... OOOO and later he poked his toe while trimming his toe nails!!! It just hasn't been his day. Poor guy. And to think! I'm gonna wake him up again tomorrow for another ride! He told me too! Said he and that trail have some things to make clear between one and other... tomorrow helmet and phone go to.

And now for my POTD4M for some of the last few days:

Eli's doing good... his foot is still really bothering him, but I think after 4 days of Mommy and Daddy saying *Well it wouldn't hurt if you would stay off it like your supposed to!* he figured it out. Every night since we went to the ER for it, he's fallen asleep watching TV about an hour before bed. Last night he fell asleep pointing at his ankle. If you look, see the big bump on his foot? That's where it hurts and that's what gets really big after a while each day. This picture just shows the profile, you should see his little toes get puffy. (Really, you DON"T want to see it... then you'll cry like I do, but we all know saying *you should see it* is just an expression so I used it.)

I said the other day I was gonna give my kids the camera for a few shots of me and Matt. Here ya go! Couldn't get Matt in there with me, and I really hate my picture taken, especially lately, but I did it... this 1st one is one Sissy took with Daddy's help. For some reason she thought it was so funny and was laughing so hard. Daddy held the camera steady for her:

Then Eli took one of me and Sissy... Daddy helped to or the picture Eli took 1st would have been the only one from him and well... I'm wearing a tank top in these pictures and too well endowed for that one to have been decent for public viewing even with the editing:

Last night, I fell asleep on the couch watching TV and I woke up around 6:30 to the kids coming out and turning the channel I had been watching. Apparently I started freaking out cause I told Matt I would actually make it to the bed, and the kids got a kick out of it. I don't remember, I was still sleeping. I mean, I lost my glasses and we were hunting them and I was panicking... I've been told I was hilarious. At one point, I must have scared the dog cause he ran and hopped in Eli's lap... and then wouldn't move cause Eli was scratching his ears... And Oscar was supposed to be my dog!
Elizabeth wasn't to happy with my choice of angles for this last shot... I was laying on the floor... Not the best picture, but I was down there and I looked up and there she was and I decided a picture from that angle and SNAP! I took a picture... I was actually laying on the floor in front of the big sliding glass door, hoping to get a picture of a slug...

It's Happy Slug Day! *hence the need for a slug picture.* But it's also Fly a Kite Day... I think Sissy would have been happier with me if I had been trying to fly a kite instead of trying to get a picture of a slug. She couldn't really think of an excuse to give her friend about why her mom was laying on the floor staring at the grass...

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