Friday, May 31, 2013

Our 2013 Summer Bucket List

I think that when we grow up, get married, have kids, and are no longer subjected to the daily routine of school for 9 months of our year, we forget what it's like to have to come up with ideas to entertain ourselves. And admit it... sometimes as parents, we get upset or frustrated or go totally insane when we hear our children utter that sentence that parents dread five minutes into summer vacation. But kiddos... I totally get it!

I am B-O-R-E-D!!! Four days into my own summer vacation and I keep finding myself sitting there wondering what I'm going to do now and why I decided to wait on finding a job until September. I have all these ideas, but there are still 19 days until the kiddos are done with school. And it just dawned on me that I have 4 summers left until my oldest is old enough to spread her wings and 6 until my youngest decides to leave the nest. But I'm going to stop that train of thought because I don't want to think about my babies being grown.

A few weeks ago, my favorite scrapbook designer and blogger posted a link to a fellow blogger/photographer family and their Summer Bucket List Challenge. And I decided that we're going to take advantage of the idea. We did last year to an extent, but it wasn't the same because Matt was crossing off ideas on his list here in WA without me and the kids while we were knocking things off our list in Italy. And while there's no way that this year can compare to the magnitude of last year's list, the memories we're going to share are as always just as important. It's our last carefree summer with all the time we want to do the things on our list. Next year, I'll be among the ranks of the working moms, hoping I've gained enough time in to earn a few days of vacation here and there.

Aside from my Can't Wait To-Do List, I have all these wonderful ideas and a plan for getting my kids up and out of the house this summer. Mind you, most of our list is Mom and Kiddos... Matt has to work still and he'll be on-call a lot this summer. (I'm doing a lot of this right now... /pout)

It's all going to start tomorrow, June 1st. Our local American Legion (Matt's a member) is hosting days to celebrate the warriors of wars past. Tomorrow is the day to honor and remember our Vietnam Veterans, and as an advocate of giving long overdue recognition to the Vets from that era, I can't wait to go. OOPS!!!! I just saw a flyer for this event and it's SUNDAY, JUNE 2nd FROM 2PM to 5:30 PM AT POST 199 IN CARNATION!!!!!

We also have a farmer's market every Tuesday and we're going to go every week, even if it's just to get a loaf of AWESOME bread from the baker that's always there. Or honey from one of our local farms. (Just an FYI... I LOVE unique honey.) Or to listen to the bands that are sometimes there. We also basically live at the river, so we're going to picnic a lot.  Do you think I can get Liz to try flying a kite again? And Carnation is the home of the Snoqualmie Valley's July 4th celebration.

I'm really thinking that I can't wait to take the kids to Country Village like we used to do when they were younger, but I'm guessing that they'll be more excited about the opportunity for TV/computer/game time then. Oh well... MOMMY TIME!!!! (Somedays, I'm so grateful my kids are old enough to leave on their own!) Next Saturday I think I'm going to Leavenworth with some ladies from the church we've been going to... and the Sunday after, I'm part of the graduation recognition service.

In April, a friend gave me Mariner's tickets and I learned I could ride a bus in downtown Seattle without Matt to hold my hand and guide me through it. So we are not going to sit at home on our computers all summer. Did you know that the first Thursdays of every month, entrance into SAM is free? And for family fun... the first Thursday AND Saturday, the Asian Art Museum is free. We're talking $10-15 for the bus and maybe a snack somewhere downtown and an afternoon full of art. And I decided that if I can make it to Safeco Field on the bus, what's to stop me from figuring out how to get to Bellevue? Bellevue Art Museum is free on the first Friday of the month.

There's also Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, and the gum wall (I'm all ewwww on that one, but the kids get a big kick out of that one.) And there's the Coast Guard Museum. And the EMP, SciFi Museum, and the Science Center. And Liz loves clam chowder while Eli is always game for some fish and chips, so we might just have to hit the Pier and have lunch at Ivars.

I'm pretty sure as always, we'll top off this years summer with a trip to one of our local fairs, maybe even the big one in Puyallup. This is something Eli can't wait to do. He discovered in Germany that while they freak him out beyond belief, he LOVES roller coasters. Who knew my son is a daredevil?!?!  And we have some trips to Gramma's planned and the kids really want to go camping. We all have decided to have some art days, so that's in the plan too. I've got an idea for a family history/art project.

And you know what? I'm thinking I might muster up some more of this new found courage to face my fears and take my kids to the Space Needle... or not.

So there it is. Our Summer 2013 Bucket List. I'm hoping to add to it but if not, I think I've got some pretty good ideas. I know I'll have a mutiny on my hands if I try to plan something for EVERYDAY and totally ban TV/computers/games. I mean for real... did you know that out here, the only day you can find traditional craft shows that feature different home crafters on TV is on Thursdays?

What are your plans? Get out and have FUN!!! Right now, I'm going to de-student my desk. (YAY!)


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