Monday, May 21, 2012

10 Years later...

When we lived in Mill Creek (a little more than 10 years ago), we used to love to wander around the little shopping stop, Country VIlliage. One of my favorite pictures of Liz was taken there (by Nanny) and later turned into a painting (by Grandy) that is my absolute favorite piece in our family art gallery. Our favorite activity was to meet friends, sometimes have ice cream, feed the ducks in the little pond, chase the chickens that wandered everywhere, and shop at the scrapbook store that was once our main reason for meeting friends there.

Well, a couple weeks ago, the crew and I found ourselves over in that area and we decided to stop and see what had changed. You can't feed the ducks anymore, and the scrapbook store left the area long before we did... the little merry-go-round we used to put Eli on is gone, but there are still a plethera of stores full of handmade and local crafts, and there's a bead store now (yay!!!). And while you can't feed the ducks, the benches are still there next to the little tug boat that is now empty.

And ten years later, my kids had just as much fun sitting and watching the ducks as we did back then, they had just as much fun scaring the chickens, and they got just as bored while I wandered the bead store as they did when I used to in the scrapbook store... And my heart soared spending time doing totally nothing with my family.... just as much as before.


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