Friday, January 20, 2012

Still trying to enjoy the weather...

I am still trying really hard to see the blessings in all of this... but it's getting a little bit hard.

But hey... the last few days have made for some pretty funny picture of the day shots...

Like this one. Would you believe me if I told you there's about 8 inches of snow under Sis in this picture? With a layer of about an inch of ice on top. She came out of her room this afternoon and said she wanted to go out and just plop down and ruin the smooth glass like layer of snow. We laughed and said OK, but warned her it would REALLY hurt. She didn't believe us.

She does now!

Eli decided he wanted to go out and be the conquering hero, so he took his sword and shield and off on a very short adventure he went. He came in 15 minutes later, saying he was frozen solid. And we all laughed about how Eli wasn't heavy enough to break the ice layer. There's also about 8-10 inches of snow and ice under Eli.

Hail Eli, the conquering hero! Dude... any one that can go outside and play in freezing rain and snow and come back in smiling and saying he had a blast is sooooooo my hero.

I took this last picture Tuesday afternoon. You can almost see Matt's face, but dude is doing the happy dance of all happy dances. He, unlike me, LOVES the snow. His only sad moment in all of this is that he was on call when it started and working through most of it. But the sight of snowflakes so big that it looked like God was dumping stage snow on us had him dancing and singing and being silly.

I love it when my hunny gets silly!

One of my absolute favorite parts of this week? Watching the new movie Courageous on On-Demand with Liz and Eli. GREAT family movie.

I think I shall go to bed now and try to dream about no more snow. SMOOCHIES YA'LL!!!! Dream sweet and try to have some fun this weekend!

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