Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm Trying, By Thinking About the Blessings Behind it All!!

I'm trying to ignore the winter wonderland outside the window. It is no secret that snow is not my favorite, but I'm trying to enjoy it for my kids' sake. Blessing? Matt is on-call so even no getting stuck in this crap. And IF we get the snowmageddon they keep predicting, Matt is all set to stay home and work. I like that.

I'm trying to do a picture-a-day album. Last year I decided that doing a picture a day with a journal square would be too much so I decided to do a week in review style. I got the week in review pictures, and the journal entries for that is on facebook, but no album. Blessing? Day 17 and I have a picture-a-day, with journalling. And I'm learning that my life isn't really exciting enough for a full year of picture-a-day so maybe I'll do January with a picture-a-day and the rest of the year, I'll just wing it. And wanna know another blessing? I'm OK with that! Although.... I do want to say that I kind of miss traditional scrapbooking, but seriously, I don't have time for it right now! :(

I'm still trying to learn about the health care system in school. There is so much information that I would have never known! Guess what? Lots of blessings there. I am LOVING what I'm reading. I am LOVING the way I understand our insurance information now. I am LOVING that I can have a knowledgable conversation with a valid pooint abou something that not a lot of people think abot when they should! I am LOVING that I find this stuff interesting. And I am LOVING that I LOVE learning!!!! Not loving the continuous writing and never thought I would miss taking quizzes, but hey... this is about seeing the blessings.

I'm trying to get my kids to read more. I LOVE to read and I make sure that I read at least one non-school something a week. I read REALLY fast and used to read a book a day, but with school, I have to focus on school reading. But once a week, I read just for the fun of it. Blessing? Liz is reading a series I read when I was her age and I LOVE sharing it with her, and I love that she is learning to love Christie, Todd, Sierra, Katie and the gang (AKA The Christie Miller series, The Sierra Jensen series, Todd & Christie the College Years and The Katie Weldon series, all by Robin Jones Gunn). If you have teenage girls, I totally recommend this series. It's timeless, it's faith based and it's inspiring.

I'm trying to focus on praying WITH my crew more. I've been praying for my family since before I had a family of my own. And I've tried to teach my kids the importance of praying. Lately, it's become a major part of our day to pray at least once as a family. And when we miss it, the kids let us know. I love hearing their messages to God and how selfless they are. That in itself is an entire blessing all on it's own!

OK, I'm going to post this and go to sleep. I love you all!

SMOOCHIES YA'LL!!! Dream sweet!

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