Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm having withdrawal symptoms! *Wow this turned into a LONG post!*

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I am having serious withdrawal symptoms. Don't worry. I'm not dying for a cigarette. (BTW.... It's been over 3 years since my last cigarette, and I really, honestly DO NOT miss them. In fact it has been *counts* 3 years, two months and *counts a little more* 21 days since I last lit a cigarette. Yay me!)

And I really wish I could tell you I was jonesing for a soda or some coffee because I decided to give up soda and coffee. I am seriously taking steps to do just that, but I'm not even close to that point yet. I'm SLOWLY weening myself off of soda (again). Coffee.... I'll think about cutting that next year, but until then, I'm trying to cut back.

Annnnnnd nope. It's not the book I want to read that I made Matt hide on his desk because I refuse to start reading it until I have at least one of the three papers for my current class done. (The lack of withdrawal from reading non school related material might have something to do with the book I read after I finished all my assignments that were due last week.)

I'm having Crafters Withdrawal!!!! I wanna create something! I wanna take a pile of papers and make a card or turn a plain old picture into a piece of mixed media art for my wall, or scraps of fabric and make a new throw pillow for my couch, maybe some felt to make some adorable hair accessories for Sissy's hair. I want to take a plain, boring or sad looking piece of furniture and I want to give it new life. Something, anything, EVERYTHING!!!!! I WANT TO CREATE!!!!!

Oh, don't worry. I will get my chance soon. We made a couple family goals for the year. Check out our family Goal Number 4 (#1 is Project Life, #2 is using Project Life kit to make a PERSONAL gratitude journal, and #3 is getting healthy. As a family. Oh and number #5 has to do with school and procrastination. But that's a whole 'nother story.):

Goal Number 4) Redecorate!!! We can't move right now, but I'm still praying (and it's always my number one prayer request) for a larger home, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a yard for the dogs. (I always like to think that God wants us to be specific, first in our thanks and then in our requests. He knows what we need, but sometimes we forget the difference between want and need, and I think being specific in our requests helps to make the wants crystal clear to us and helps us realize we really don't need them!) In the mean time, why should I settle for less in what our home looks like on the inside? I'm the one that spends all of my time here. So Matt and I decided that, as a 15th anniversary present, I can slowly redecorate our home. (We'll be celebrating 15 years in August. Major Wow, but we'll get to that in 7.5 months. :p Although... I plan on taking over a year to accomplish this, since I don't want to blow our budget. Oh, and yes... I will keep you updated on what I'm doing right here on my blog.)

Can we say GIGANTIC craft project? How about HUMONGOUS? (hehehe Yup, I'm sure we all can!) I am so excited! I've been reading house blogs for the last month, gaining inspiration, learning techniques, trying to cement the direction I want to go, while incorporating the tastes of the other members in my family. (Not just my home, so I want it to be the right fit for all of us!) I'm seriously bouncing off the walls, raring to go! I even know where I'm starting. The Dining Room, because I'm still in school and that's where my desk has to go. (That is until God blesses us with just the right opportunity and we either get a 4th bedroom or a bonus room. Even then, the desk I want to make will be able to hide in a guest room just as well as our living room, no matter where we live. Check it out here, on Martha Stewart's website. It's truly amazing what kind of ideas you can find when you Google something!)

I've talked to some of you, my family readers, about some of my ideas, mainly color. Guess what? Matt's indecisiveness has rubbed off on me. I THOUGHT I wanted black and white furniture (white wood, black cloth... we have a black dog that sheds like mad!) with turquoise, red and yellow accents. I still LOVE the black and white furniture idea. Especially when you think about how it can blend over the WHOLE house! Black and White in the family living spaces with my accent colors, black and white with pink in Sissy's space, and maybe Red in the Lil' Man's? Since it sometimes seems like the world has decided to congregate in Mommy and Daddy's room, I thought I would continue the main color scheme in there.

But then the other day at Office Max, we saw a bunch of FANTASTIC desk accessories in Blue and White. LOVED IT!!! In fact, the notebook I picked up reminded me of my Delft pottery I inherited from my mom that is carefully packed away in my garage, waiting for just the right place to put it.

Ack! I don't know any more! I'm up in the air. That's never happened to me, because when I make a decision to do something, I am set in my mind. I make a choice and stick with it. I leave the mind changing to Matt. He can tell you quite seriously that one of the reasons he loves me so much is that I am usually very decisive and I balance him out so completely. I take after my dad in that manner. Once I make up my mind, it takes a lot to change it. (Basically an act of God, however He choses to work. And I will freely admit, I often miss Him trying to change my mind, but I'm working on that part. :D)

OK, now that I got the fretful feeling off my chest and have shared my conundrum with you... as well as possibly bored you senseless... I think I'm going to go to bed now. Might be a great idea since it's after 1 AM and I think I have a chat date with my sister in a few hours. (We keep playing message tag in facebook chat!)

SMOOCHIES YA'LL! Let me know what you think about my color conundrum.

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Found your blog again and wanted to say hello and your kids are cute!
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