Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Has it really been over a month since my last blog post? Wow.... Sorry, Ya'll!

Not much has been happening to write about, really. Well.... Sis and Eli started school. Aside from a couple highway almost mishaps, so far things are going great on that front. (Please remember to obey school zone signs and pay attention to busses and their stop signals. Oh, and PLEASE ALWAYS watch for kids!) I'm still having a hard time believing that my baby girl is 12 and in middle school. Some days, she's so grown up, it's scary! And Eli! Oh my goodness! I may have mentioned before that when last year's round of 5th graders (with a few exceptions, of course) left, I was certain he would blossom. And has he ever!!!

So, school for me has been awesome so far. My first class, I got an A in, and I won't lie, this second class is seriously kicking my backside! But, I only have one more week and I'm done with Informal Logic... well at least until I take the Survey of Mathematics class my friend Tami is in right now... she says there's some Informal Logic in that one.... EEP! LOL!!! I'm really liking this online program, and the fact that I take one class at a time, so I have less to stress over.

Matt is doing great, at least I think he is! He's been walking more between the bus stop and his office and he's losing a little weight. Added bonus, lol! Work for him is going great too! Shortly after school started for the kiddos, Matt got a promotion type thing at work. He went from tier one to tier two. There's more involved, but I'm not good with the specifics, bt I can say this... I AM SO PROUD OF MY HUBBY!!!!!!

I entered a contest a while back, writing some stories about the amazing animals God has blessed my family with over the years... first contest I've ever entered like that, and I won 3rd place! I'm still a little shocked. (More details later, when I can!)

My year long quest to lose 100 pounds is officially a bust... well for this year any way. I have gotten my family to exercise more and to eat a little healthier, and I'm far from giving up. I have lost a few pounds, and I'm happy about that. It took me a while to convince the rest of my household to get with the program, but now that we are, maybe next year? I'm still convinced I can do it, but I'm going to try something new.... Again, more on that later! LOL

Well.... it's after two and I have to go get Sis. I know I've been a little vague today, but I promise when I have more details, I'll fill you in!! When I said this class was kicking my backside, I should have also added it's making me addle brained and spaced out, so I'm not very interesting lately... Just ask my family, lol!! And when I can find my SD Card Reader so I can upload my pictures, I'll show you how adorable my babies were on the first day of school! (I know... not babies no more, but so what? It's a mom's prerogative, right?!?!)

SMOOCHIES YA'LL!!!!! See ya soon!

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Hilary said...

Am waiting anxiously to hear details about everything! :)