Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rtoo Dtwo

Welcome home, Rtoo! We went and picked Rtoo up yesterday from the shelter. Again, can I say how proud I am of my kids? Yet again, they proved that not all children are as rambunctious as adults think.

When they brought Rtoo out to us, pour baby wasn't quite ready to wake up from her post op nap. She looked a little drunk and her back paws slide out from under her a few times. It was a mix of cute & pathetic. Boy oh boy did Matt and I empathize with her. On the drive home, if we hit a particularly rough bump or patch of highway, you could hear her crying from the back. She came in and I think she was sleep walking. I honestly don't think she was very aware of what was going on last night.

We didn't want to get a permanent crate until we had a chance to make sure we had the right size, but at Target, they have these really awesome pop up crates. You know the pop-up play tents and tunnels they have for kids? They have a portable crate made the same way! Awesome for when you want to go to Grandma's and don't want to deal with the metal one that's a lot harder to take down and set up. Sweet! She came in, let Matt lead her in and WHAM! That was all she wrote for the rest of the night. Before we went to bed, she let Matt take her outside and I guarantee if she could talk she would tell you that the last thing she remembers is going from the kennel and then waking up in this strange place with strange people.

She's still not 100% this morning I think. Although I will say that if this is normal, I'm predicting a happy future... I took the last few pictures of her while my breakfast sat on the table less than 5 feet from where she was sitting. It was to hot to eat right away and I set it down and forgot that I had set my coffee on the dresser in my room before Eli and I went to the bus. I came back and she was still laying there, my breakfast untouched. Not only that... the apartment manager saw us this morning and gave me a thumbs up, nod and a huge smile.

Ain't she so cute?

Well, I'm off to work on doggie to doggie relationships. Oscar and Rtoo are a little wary of each other. In fact, Oscar is once again mad at me. Right now, he's sitting on the couch pouting. Whenever I try to get close to him, he jumps down with a snort and prances off to his crate. (sigh) Oh well.

Smoochies ya'll!!!

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