Friday, November 27, 2009

A once in a lifetime opportunity...

Sometimes I think it would take a serious act of God for me to get family pictures. I mean, sure, if we're sightseeing or I'm really quick I just might manage to get Matt to let me take his picture, but most of the time, I can't share the end results. FYI, Matt REALLY hates his picture taken. I'm not the most excited about my pictures right now, and I would rather not have been in front of the camera myself, but every now and again, it's something you need to do.

Well, I wanted to send pictures to my sister, so I convinced him to pose for some pictures for me and even let me take some of him with the kids. AND I let him take my picture. I was REALLY shocked when he stood with me and posed for a pictures taken by the kids. Twice, once for each munchkin.

So without further ado.... Our family photos. Oh, and by the way... there aren't any of the four of us together. Since we don't have a camera stand, Matt and I took turns taking pictures, and then there are the two that the kids took of Matt and I. ENJOY!!!

Matt and his Man skirt... He really hates this one cause he's smiling. I love his smile. Go figure! :p
Matt and his kids... Ain't they so cute?

Me and the kids. I think this one would have been GREAT with Matt right there behind me and Eli, don't you?

Sis says this one should be called "Liz says SNAP." Don't ask, I don't know either.

This one is sooooooo Eli. He spends his days laughing. Sometimes even his nights in his dreams.

Hello world, It's me!

The boys. Love Eli's face, the little prankster!

The girls. Aren't we so cute?!

The kids dubbed this one Bunny Love... cause Matt's giving me bunny ears. Would have been awesome except for the bunny ears. Sis took this one, btw...
Eli took this one and called it "Kiss me, Baby!" Wonder why? :p

Any hows, that's how we spent our day... along with vegging out. Seriously... as soon as we were done here, everyone went in and got out of their school/church/shopping clothing and put on sweats. I would take a picture to prove it, but knowing Matt he would just do something rude like make monkey crazy faces, and I wouldn't be able to show ya!


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