Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am now officially a wimp.

No really, I am. And yes, I will go on to explain!

See, when I was 3 my family moved to Texas. Now, I don't know how we handled summers the first year or two, but I can honestly remember most of the next five. We ran in the sprinklers, played on the slip and slides, went on family vacations, played in the kiddie pool, went to the swimming pool. One of our neighborhood's favorite games was war, complete with dark clothing. Point of this ramble so far? I lived in a very hot state for around 7 years and I spent most of those summers outside.

Fast forward a few years and our family moving from Germany to Georgia. I personally think that the summers spent in Germany helped prepare me for the humidity of Georgia. I was older, happier sitting inside with a book, but I did spend a lot of time outside. I babysat for a few families and the kids and I spent a lot of time outside. Not as much as when we lived in Texas, but the time I spent outside in Georgia, I think I was equally as active as when we lived in Texas. Again, the point being that I spent a lot of time outside during the summer.

Now? I'm a wimp. Or at least that's what a friend lovingly told me today when I complained about it being too hot to breathe. (Close to an exaggeration. It really was close, but in my case very true.)

See, in Western Washington, (or west of the mountains) it rarely gets above 90, even in the summer. Today, Seattle hit 103 and that shattered the all time high. Now, in case you're wondering we don't live in Seattle. We live about 45 minutes further east. That increases our temperature about 3-5 degrees. And since this side of mountains doesn't get that hot that often, most older apartment buildings and even a lot of the newer ones, don't come standard with air conditioning.

We live in an older apartment building. At one point our neighbor's porch thermometer, out of direct sun and away from the building, registered 107.5. It's 12:30 and fifteen minutes ago when I took the dog out, it read 89. My kids spent the hotter part of the day in the shade of the building running in and out of the sprinkler, even though the apartment manager would prefer them not too. I spent the day watching them from my bedroom window that faces the area they were in. I was about a foot away from the fan, reading a book. I would have been outside but when you put 4 kids and a hose together, you are bound to get wet. I would have welcomed that, but then I would have had to replace my book. Oh well!

It's hotter out there than in here right now, but earlier it was hotter in here than out there. And tomorrow is supposed to be just as hot. And I will gladly admit to being a wimp. I will shout to the world that I am a wimp!!! Do you think that would earn me one of those window air conditioners?

SMOOCHIES YA'LL!!!!!!!!!!!! stay cool and have a great weekend!!!

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