Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some pictures from today!

Some pictures from our Memorial Day Weekend/ Job Celebration Jeep Drive!! 


We discovered that Oscar LOVES riding with the top off!!

After our drive, we went to McDonald Park and Daddy and Liz went on the swing bridge. 

First trip in the Jeep with the top off and what does our son do? Eli took a nap!

Our trip took us into a state forest (see sign picture below). Along the way, we saw this awesome waterfall!!

Normally, dressed as Matt is today, I would call him Skirt Man... However even in a skirt, there is just something so manly about Matt and his impossibly high Jeep! So Today he's Jeep Man!

The picture I've been waiting forever to get... My kids next to a sign... Any sign! Tada!!!

The sign was right next to this incredibly hidden waterfall. It's amazing what you see out in the middle of nowhere!

The kids LOVED it!!!

Me in the Jeep... Nope, not letting anyone get a better shot!


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