Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good Morning!

You know the old saying about how things look better in the morning? Well in a way, it's true. Yeah, the water in the pictures I'm posting this morning is higher than the ones I posted last night, but compared to the water levels during the night, it does look WAY better. 

The water came up almost to our back patio. The steel yard behind us was under a few inches of water. And the new sewage system had a few small issues. Matt spent the night keeping an eye out for us and our neighbors, and don't tell Sissy, but he confessed to me when he came to bed how worried he really was. The trees and other things in the water made the most awful noises, especially as they went through the buildings at the park. But sometime during the night, the Tolt River crested, taking a lot of the pressure off the Snoqualmie River, which crested about 30 minutes ago.

Check out some of the pictures he took this morning about 8AM...

The park entrance...

The Steel Yard's entrance... At one point, Matt was worried there were people stuck in the office building, but all was good.

Baseball, Anyone? :p

Our onsite apartment manager's house... surrounded by water. See the silver car in the background? Yup, my new SUV. Matt was worried about the water level surrounding Lynn's  house and decided since no one else was using it, he would move the car out of the way.

This is normal a big ditch between our parking lot and our mailboxes. When it rains, it gets squishy and collects a big puddle... Today, it looks like a pond. The apartment kids all have nicknamed it "Apartment Lake".

We're good. I think that the past few days have helped elevate some of the kids' anxiousness toward the river and flooding and our home. Luckily, Matt was home or I don't think I would have been a serious basket case.

Have a great day!!!


Hilary said...

Isn't this crazy?! We can't get out of town, but that's better than having our house wash away, of course. How do things look for Matt's parents? Things are pretty dicey for mine & for my sis, so we're on pins & needles while we wait.

Amber Vlangas said...

Glad you are all okay! I need to stop over here and read more often! Lots of love and prayers to you.