Thursday, October 16, 2008


No... we haven't disappeared off the face of the planet... It's been a very busy week here and my planned writing day was robbed by that evil ugly war all mothers of school or day care age kids face. The dreaded evil Lice.  

So tomorrow (or Saturday, depending on how much help I get, and whether or not it's the good kind of help) after I have won yet another battle against those evil, annoying, maddening, little devils, I will post about the GOOD things that have happened this week. That also gives me an extra day to remember what those good things were....

Thank you Grandma Connie and Ms Hilary. Your words of encouragement not only helped Sissy in embracing her fashion rules, they helped me feel better for being "mean Mommy" and remain strong in my displeasure at that shirt... which is now used as a ni ni shirt. WOOT!


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Hilary said...

Lice, blech. It ripped through our house more than once while we were growing up - what a pain, pain, pain.