Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Morning Goofiness...

So we decided to be a little goofy this morning... No idea why, but it was fun. Until we woke up Daddy... he's a little grumpy. He wouldn't let me take a goofy day picture of him. But that's OK. To see what Daddy is looking like, see the Seattle picture with him in his kilt... he's being silly in a kilt today.

Eli, however, has been posing like this all day:
OOOO And I taught Lizzie about Texan Woman and big curls. Ain't she a Doll?!?!?! Now she wants me to go get them HUMONGOUS curlers that look like pop cans...

And well... it happened, like I knew it would eventually. I got tired of my hair this week. And so I took this REALLY cute picture I found from a magizine to a salon to get my hair done... Nope it was TOTALLY wrong. SHe cut it into a layered bob. So I went to get it fixed... And well, all I can say is that she cut it right... just WAY to short. So I got it cut again. Lucky I'm not afraid of short hair, huh?

We did a few more things, but I didn't think posting a picture of Lizzie with a bra on over her PJ shirt and Eli with his under-roos on his head would be a prudent move on my part. Or the picture of Daddy after the kids snuck in and switched his body hugger pillow with their teddy bears while he was sleeping. It was classic!

Ya'll have a great Sunday, and go do something a little goofy. Goofiness is the secret to eternal youth. At least that's what the kids tell me!


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