Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Row Row Row Your Boat..... :p Post 1 of July 2...

In my last entry,  I told ya'll we were going to the river... it was fantabulous! (that's our family's word for the best.) Eli was in heaven with the rocks. Ever since he could, he has found picking up rocks fascinating, and he imagines a whole life for the ones he finds. He's even named a few.

I was really nervous.  My kids haven't had swimming lessons yet, and I myself am not among the more confident swimmers.  I kept imagining one of the kids tripping over the rocks and being swept away, and me not being able to catch them fast enough. 

Where we live, one of the smaller area rivers, Tolt River flows into the Snowqualmie River. In the individual pictures below of the kids, you can see them meshing. One is darker and its not totally the shadows from the trees making it appear darker. The Snowqualmie River is not only deeper than the Tolt, it runs faster too. It's beautiful to see them merge, both in pictures and real life. And coming right from the mountians... it's so cold! 

Sorry there isn't a picture of me in there... I'm the one behind the camera. :p Enjoy!

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